Fitness Friday: “Steppin'” up my game again.

Guess who is NOT in Canmore today! It wasn’t ideal weather this weekend in most of Alberta so I decided to stick around home instead of heading south to the mountains. As luck would have it, as soon as I made that decision, Jo messaged the group of us who were planning to get together on Saturday to let us know it was forecasted to be rainy and cold so we should reschedule our SUP day. The universe works in weird and mysterious ways. Let’s take a look at my workouts this past week for Fitness Friday!

Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

Friday, June 17


Saturday, June 18

30 minute stationary rowing and ab circuit

35 KM cycling the Legacy Trail (Canmore to Banff and back)

Sunday, June 19

Banff Marathon 10K race! (10.3 KM; 51:31)


Monday, June 20

60 minutes chest and triceps strength training

30 minute stair and track workout

40 minute walk with my momma

Tuesday, June 21

60 minutes back and biceps strength training

8.01 KM running (8:58 min/mile)


Wednesday, June 22

60 minutes spinning (testing out my classic rock playlist)

5.5 KM walking to work

Thursday, June 23

60 minutes legs strength training

90 minute walk (6.1 miles)

Although I was disappointed to miss out on another weekend in the Rockies, I just had such weird vibes about the trip so I think I made the right decision. Plus, now I have time this weekend to do the things I had put off or procrastinated in order to travel… aka work on the 38107515th revision of my thesis. 😉 Over to YOU!

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Thinking Out Loud Thursday #68!

This week is FLYING. I’m hesitant to be leaving again for Canmore this weekend because I feel like I have so much going on at home with work and school right now but another weekend in the mountains is always a welcome break! I’ll be linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!


  • I mentioned last week was a shitty motivation week when it comes to fitness and nutrition. I slacked in every possible way BUT I got though it and this week has been KILLER. I love jumping back on board with all things #health. I am a master zucchini griller by the way.


  • All of a sudden, four days into the week, and like 2.5 salads later, I’m the queen of health. It’s amazing what a few days of consistent workouts and salads can do. I feel so much better when I eat healthy… why don’t I remember that??


  • I love summer dresses. On the days I want to look less homeless, I have been loving these summer dresses from Joe and these from RW&Co. THEY ALL HAVE POCKETS. I don’t know why pockets are so exciting, it’s not like I keep snacks in there or anything… although now that I say that I think that’s a brilliant idea… but dress pockets are just wonderful.


  • THE BABIES ARE NO LONGER BABIES. Our robin babies, that grew up in a nest under our deck, have officially left the nest. They grow up so fast! It was amazing to watch them and these last two days my mom and I have watched a couple of them hop around the yard because they weren’t quite ready to fly. My favourite one has little fluffier horns that make him look hilarious.



SO. GROWN. UP. I miss them already. Remember when they looked like big worms? Ahhh, good times.


  • I donated blood yesterday. I remember feeling so off the next couple days with my workouts, and having an extremely high HR, so I’m prepared to be hydrating like crazy and really paying attention to my body today. I had a morning appointment and I flew through the clinic!


  • The Banff Marathon race photos are up! Mine are all around the finish line (I don’t think there were many race photographers on the 10K course) and I look very determined to finish in all of them! I should remember to smile at the end of a race!

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 11.49.59 AM

  • I’m surprisingly loving classic rock lately. I have created two spin playlists for summer classes of classic rock songs and I can’t wait to teach them! Even the radio station in my car is rock right now. Compared to the latest hit, Panda by Desiigner which I do not get AT ALL, it’s hard to believe how much music has changed in a few decades.


That’s all I’ve got for you today (*crowd goes “awwwwww”*), so have a fantastic Thursday! I just picked up a couple books from the library in case Canmore is too rainy for ALL THE OUTDOOR I had planned!

What is your favourite music genre or do you love it all?

Do you ever buy your race photos?

Tell ME something random!

WIAW & Running to Avoid a Thunderstorm.

You wouldn’t believe how many photos of my breakfasts I have on my computer. It’s kind of ridiculous. I start most days with the intentions to document a What I Ate Wednesday post and wind up just with 176325 photos of eggs and none of lunches or dinners or snacks. THAT ENDS TODAY.


Breakfast: Oatmeal (made with flax seeds and egg whites) with strawberries, blackberries, brazil nuts, chia seeds, and almond milk.


Lunch: Garden salad with peaches and blueberries, two fried eggs, and pretzel chips with hummus. I chopped up the eggs in my salad after this photo but it looked like vomit so I’m glad I took the photo prior to that madness.


Around 4:30pm I changed out of my profesh clothes and threw on my spandex for a run. I had done an hour of back and biceps (the bro workout, as I like to call it) at the gym in the morning before breakfast and needed to get my blood pumping. I actually spent about 30 minutes procrastinating my run and then looked outside and realized a storm had made it’s way around.

run in thunder

I ran in little loops around my neighbourhood in case it poured rain and/or I was struck by lightning. I managed to outrun the storm and dodge all of the lightning. I played my 80s rock spin playlist as I ran and it definitely made the miles fly! 5 miles (8.0km) at an 8:58 min/mile pace (5:35 min/km). It has been weird using kilometres on my FitBit Surge now instead of miles like I used to with my Garmin. I just like to pretend the pace is still in miles and that I magically started running twice as fast.


Dinner: Tofu strips (like chicken strips but with less animal 😉 ) dipped in yellow mustard, steamed broccoli, and a blend of brown and wild rice with soya sauce.


As you can see, my meals are very exciting. Obviously. It was a good day of work-related stuff, working on my thesis, and exercise… just enough variety in activities to keep me from getting bored. 😉 I was lucky enough to be able to make all of my meals at home on this particular day, which I prefer as I can cook whatever I’m feeling like at the time.

Do you pack a lunch for work/school/life every day?

Favourite vegetable – GO!