Fitness Friday: Banff hiking and indoor workouts.

TGIF. Yesterday I ran 4 miles super early before work so that I had the evening free. I donated blood on my lunch hour and I know my body really does have to rely on the “6-8 hours of no strenuous activity” rule and I should keep my evening chill. It was a weird day yesterday that flew by but I also felt unproductive. I was cold all day in my office and that doesn’t bode well for the jump to -20C high that is forecasted for all of next week! Let’s take a look at my week of workouts!

Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

Friday, November 25

5.0 mile run (8:36 min/mile)

30 minutes walking to and from work (~3km)

Saturday, November 26

10.8 km hike – Ink Pots via Moose Mountains


Sunday, November 27

1 hour BodyPump class at GoodLife

30 minutes stairmaster intervals

Monday, November 28

60 minutes walking to and from work (~6km)

60 minute spin class (instructing)

Tuesday, November 29

90 minutes walking to and from work (~9km)

Wednesday, November 30

60 minutes walking to and from work (~6km)

90 minute spin class (instructing)

Thursday, December 1

4.0 mile run (8:37 min/mile)

60 minutes walking to and from work (~6km)

I wish a little bit of snow was coming with our cold weather so I could use my snowshoes! This winter has been so delayed and we’ve had a warm, brown, and ugly fall for a while but no snow! Before -20 hits I think I’ll try and get out for a frosty morning at Elk Island National Park. Considering I don’t have any mountain plans this weekend, I am going to head to the closest ‘nature.’

I am also hunting for herb garden supplies to attempt to grow some herbs in a dark Edmonton winter apartment setting. Wish me luck. This gardening experiment was prompted when I watched the rerun of “In Defense of Food” with Michael Pollan of CBC. You can watch the documentary HERE and I highly recommend it! I absolutely love his mantra!


What are you up to this weekend?

Do you garden? Anyone grow inside during the winter? Tips welcome!

Thinking Out Loud Thursday #89!

Good morning wonderful people and happy first day of DECEMBER! I’m writing up a shopping list for this weekend and since I have a weekend at home again I have a few things to do around my apartment and some Christmas shopping. I am heading to IKEA this weekend and I think I’m planning this adventure to south Edmonton more than I plan my weekends in the mountains. Let’s join Amanda at Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!


This post is also kind of a “currently” post where I write about what I’m currently up to. On Tuesday evening I cancelled all plans of BodyPump and my friends cancelled our planned kickboxing class and I decided to have a “me” evening. I did a facemask, watched reruns of Friends, ate nachos, and was in my pajamas at about 6:30pm.

  • Currently eating… nachos. I added black beans, spicy salsa, monterey jack cheese, tomatoes, peppers, and avocado to my nachos and they were unreal. My “me” night was a bit of a treat night and I loved every second.


  • Currently using… cheap facemasks. I don’t really spend a ton of money on face products or makeup like a normal girl and the same goes for these facemasks. They make my skin feel super soft and I love the smell of them. I spilled green facemask on my floor, sink, and cardigan when I put it on… HAHA.


  • Currently listening to… Season 2 of Someone Knows Something! It’s basically CBC’s version of the podcast Serial and it’s really good. It dives into a mysterious Canadian unsolved crime and interviews people, police, suspects, and tries to find new leads on a old case. I love that it’s back with a new season!


  • Currently reading… The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King. I am about halfway through right now and I absolutely adore this book. It’s super funny and talks about colonialism so bluntly and matter-of-factly that you can’t help but love the author’s style of writing. I’m pretty passionate about reconciliation and addressing the long-lasting effects of the colonization of Indigenous people and the current systemic racism that persists in Canada and this book lightens up such a depressing and horrific topic!


  • Currently preparing for… a three hour aerobathon on Saturday. I’m teaching 20 minutes of core during the three hour holiday food bank fundraiser but I plan on participating in the entire three hours. If you’re an Edmonton-based reader I encourage you to check it out HERE and join me!


  • Currently watching… Pitch. This is the first season of the show but I already think it has knocked it out of the park (pun intended). It’s a show on Fox about a first female pitcher in the MLB. This guy is the main reason I have continued to watch it, he’s so dreamy.

<> at Orpheum Theatre on October 5, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

  • Currently excited for… hiking/snowshoeing with Jo in a week and a half. There may or may not be elf costumes involved. There is never a dull moment when we go on outdoor adventures together. Remember when we dressed up as a devil and an angel and hiking near Nordegg.


  • Currently feeling… like the week is flying! This conversation literally happened to me on Tuesday. I was walking home from work with my coworker and we were talking about how crazy the week had been and I said, “Wow, it’s been quite the week,” and she said, “Uh, it’s Tuesday.” There has been so much going on in my office that it was like 5 days of changes in 2 days.


I hope your week is going by just as fast because it’s almost the WEEKEND again! Tell me what you’ve been up to and what you’re currently eating, thinking, and reading!

Goal So Hard: December.

I wrote my goals for the month of November in THIS post. It is genuinely mind-blowing that it is December tomorrow but I feel really good about my last month and I’m happily recapping my goals! Some months I forget about the goals I set out to accomplish which means they weren’t close to my heart or realistic but this month I consciously made an effort to achieve. It wasn’t a surprise to look back on what I set out to do!


  • I took an average of 16,401 steps in the month of November and hit my 12,000 step goal EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. A couple nights ago (after doing weights and stairs which don’t equal steps) I went for a half hour walk at 10pm to get my steps in. I’m a tad competitive with myself.
  • One night of drinks a week was definitely a conscious effort because for so many social occasions to common line is, “Let’s grab a beer!” I took into account when I would be having a beer with my family or going out with friends and then consciously chose not to drink on other nights of the week. I saved myself a bit of money in the process.
  • I did really well grocery shopping and wrote out my list twice. Which is better than zero times so I’m going to high-five myself on that one. I made delicious meals for lunches each week too which took more planning so I didn’t have to double grocery shop!


December is certainly an interesting month for fitness goals. I’ve been waiting exactly 11 months and 3 days for a batch of my mom’s amazing biscotti to dip in my dark roast black coffee so I am not going be a crazy person and limit myself to a “no sugar challenge” or “treats once a week” because I enjoy this season too much. I am going to take it relatively easy on intense health goals and enjoy the holidays but I do want to make a conscious effort to maintain my wellness!


  • 13,000 steps per day. I’m going to be brave and once again increase my daily step goal. I have hit over 12,000 steps every day for the last 3 months and for the last month of the year I’m going to challenge myself to hit 13,000.
  • Finish 4 books this month. I have been in a bit of a reading slump lately but want to finish the year strong (considering it was one of my 2016 goals) and finish at least 4 books by the end of this month. Jo passed on a TON of books so I have no shortage of reading material and really just need to focus on putting the screens away and reading more in the evening.
  • Make a conscious effort to be kind. I don’t think of myself as an unkind person but this season is a gentle reminder to most to be kind. I was thinking a few days ago about how I celebrated my 20th birthday and I really want to be more of that girl again. The holidays can be stressful, the work parties are time consuming, flu season rises, and everyone seems to be at a breaking point, but I’m challenging myself to be kind and have patience this month.


That gif is a great reflection of what it looks like in my office right now. Imagine, working for the Ministry of Health and having to work in an environment full of chocolate, cookies, processed baking, candy, etc. I really have an appreciation for the occasional treat and call that “soul food” because it’s good for your soul if not your body, but it’s frustrating to know that you are going to have to work harder to find healthy food than you do to find unhealthy food in your own workplace! I know who will be bringing the boxes of mandarin oranges and salad to potlucks. 😉

I’m super excited for December and even more excited to crush these goals! The 13,000 step goal scares me the most but if I bundle up I can handle lunch time walks during my work day! How is this the last month of 2016?

What are YOUR December goals?

Did you accomplish what you wanted to in November?

What have you been reading lately?