WIAW: Lentil tacos, yams, and oats, oh my!

It’s been a while since I did a What I Ate Wednesday post so to switch things up a bit, I’m jumping back in to this type of rambling! These photos are from my day yesterday, which was a typical day at work. I did some food prep on the holiday Monday so this is basically what my meals will look like for the next three days as well. It’s a good thing these foods are delicious!

Breakfast: I think I’ve eaten this for 80% of my breakfasts in the last two months. I just love a hot bowl of oatmeal to wake up to on cold winter mornings. Plus, that melty peanut butter… mmm! I also eat a grapefruit with my oatmeal every day, and yesterday I added a couple of strawberries that were about to go bad in m fridge. I have noticed a significant improvement in my skin since I started eating an almost-daily grapefruit. It’s incredible, my skin has never looked better and the only real thing that changed in my life is my incorporation of grapefruit!

Snack: red peppers, grape tomatoes, carrots, and hummus.

Lunch: I made a big batch of lentil and sweet potato tacos for this week’s work lunches. I added some onion, tomatoes, black beans, lentils, sweet potatoes, and corn salsa. Plus corn tortillas. I nice amount of spice and so so good. I was actually looking forward to this lunch all morning!

Snack: Apple. I nice juicy crispy apple that destroyed my lipstick and dripped on my keyboard. Real class act, it’s shocking I haven’t been promoted yet. I also had a mocha Kashi granola bar that I had bought and left in my pocket on my ski trip.

Dinner: After prepping the lentil tacos, I had leftover sweet potato that I decided to use to make a pasta sauce. I added some vegetable stock, butter, spices, and milk, and made the most delicious pasta sauce ever. Remember when I paid $8 for pumpkin cream pasta sauce… yeah, so this sauce probably cost me $0.83 to make and it was twice as good. I added it to spaghetti with chickpeas and feta.

There is a crispness to the winter air right now, the feeling that cooler weather is coming, and my favourite winter comfort food is anything squash. I haven’t done a ton of cooking with lentils before but they are such a versatile protein that I should do more. They were delicious as taco “meat” and super filling! I went to the gym in between work and dinner, doing a legs and stairmaster day at the gym (a shortened version of what I did Saturday) and loved coming home to a prepped dinner of pasta and chickpeas.

What did you eat yesterday?

What is your typical breakfast?

Foods you can’t get enough of in winter?

Weekend Recap: Family Day weekend.

This weekend truly felt like a long weekend and I loved every second of it. Edmonton was very plaid and cowboy hat covered this weekend as thousands of people were in the city for the Garth Brooks concerts. He’s putting on 9 shows here in YEG so there is quite the buzz around the city about him! Did you go to a show? I am currently looking at upcoming YEG concerts and the Lumineers are here the day after my birthday… sounds like fate.

Friday evening I spent a few hours after work drinking beer with some friends at CRAFT. There was a bigger group of us that was supposed to get together but as it turns out only the girls showed up so we had an awesome ladies evening. I didn’t stay too long because I knew I had a workout date with some friends in the morning and wanted to be in tip top shape for it! I read, caught up on This is Us, and hit the sheets early.

On Saturday I drove to my spin gym (my old workout gym) and met two friends for a leg and stair workout. I warmed up walking on the treadmill while my one friend did her bench press training sets and the second friend dropped her kids off at the child play centre. I have to admit that working out with other people is SO MUCH BETTER. It FLEW by, I pushed myself harder, took rests so that I could work harder during our working sets, and definitely got in a killer workout. Credit to my friend Heidi for the awesome workout plan for the day. The leg moves were intense and then just when we thought our legs were toast, we finished off by running stairs. There are sets of stairs that run from the first floor to the third floor of the building so for each set we did 3 rounds up and down, making 6 flights.

After leaving the gym I met another friend for coffee and a walk along the river. It was surprisingly icy as the water had melted and run over parts of the path and then frozen overnight. We walked and chatted for about an hour before I went to visit my fam jam. Once again, I arrived at their house unshowered and starving post-workout. I made myself some lunch, watched hockey with them, and then headed home to finally shower and do some errands. I spent a quiet evening at home reading and cleaning/tidying my apartment. I finished “Maybe in Another Life” in less than two days and started “Happiness for Beginners” promptly after.

Sunday I had another great strength workout, but sadly solo at my own gym. I did over an hour of upper body, including bench press which I haven’t done in SO LONG. I ran 5K on the treadmill to shake out my sore legs from the above leg workout, and then headed home. I showered then headed for a massage which was much needed and felt painfully good. I met my parents for coffee after as my dad was headed out of town and my mom wanted a latte, ha! I hung around in the afternoon with my mom and brother before we went to play boccer ball in the sports and recreation league! It was as sweaty and super fun night!

Yesterday, Monday, was Family Day in Alberta so I had the day off. I had a great sleep and then spent a lazy morning making breakfast, cleaning my apartment, and doing more laundry. I went to the gym for a 5 mile run and some abs/foam rolling. It was a cloudy weekend so I really felt good about cozying up all day reading or relaxing, but my body also needed fresh air so I met my friend Amanda for a walk in the afternoon. Just what we needed to round our a lazy but fantastic weekend. The only day I didn’t actually spend with my family was Family Day! I am so thankful for them that even though they roll their eyes when I burst through their front door exclaiming, “I’M HERE EVERYONE!” I know they love me. 😉

How was your weekend? Did you get Monday off?

Do you follow a strength training plan or wing it?

Do you tend to workout more with friends or solo?

Fitness Friday: not feeling it this week.

Well, it’s official, I lost my New Years fitness momentum. I was riding high all the way into my ski vacation but these last few days have been super lazy. I think it was a combination of a few things: exhaustion after a weekend outside in the mountains, a bit of a cold and ear infection, and just my body needing a break. I took the opportunity to let my body have the rest it deserved, especially the sleep I needed to kick this cold and I am feeling the upswing of motivation coming this weekend.

I certainly got my 10,000+ steps in every day this week, between walking to and from work and coffee strolls at lunch, I was active throughout the day. I actually improved my “hours active per day” this week by getting at least 250 steps every hour, about 12 hours a day. It’s interesting that when I don’t get up early for the gym or run after work, I find myself more motivated to stay active and moving more during the work day.

I taught my Monday and Wednesday spin classes this week, but took Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday off from exercise. Thursday was a bonus “off” day because I totally could have worked out as my cough and sore throat have almost gone, but my dad and I had a dinner date planned and I definitely wasn’t bailing on that for the gym. It felt good to not be sore all week and it gave me the rest I needed to be ready to kill it this weekend. I also finished a family size bag of popcorn and two books this week so I still feel accomplished.

I can’t wait to get back to strength training after this week of rest to be honest… I haven’t felt very motivated to run lately but I am craving weights now. I want all the squats and deadlifts. This weekend I have a workout date with a couple of friends, doing both leg day and a stair workout. I’m not going to lie… I’m nervous for this one. LEGS AND STAIRS.

Before the temperature dips back down in Edmonton, I hope I can get a quick run outside this weekend! I conveniently got sick right when prime running temperatures hit this week but don’t worry, spring is on the way and I’m sure they’ll be back in no time! This post is random, but I just wanted to say, this week sucked for workouts but my body needed it and I’m excited to jump back in now.

What are your workout plans this weekend?

Do you keep track of how active you are throughout the day?

What are you doing for Family Day?