Fitness Friday: That cycle commute life.

What’s up active people? I’ve been cycle commuting this week on my adorable basket-clad white cruiser bike and while I may get funny looks sometimes, it is kind of the best thing ever. I run this town… on my cute bike. I am now also that awkwardly sweaty person at work even though my bike commute is about 20 minutes. Gross.

Fitness Friday Canadian Girl Runs

Friday, July 15

2100m swimming

Saturday, July 16

30 minute walk

122.72km cycling; 27.7 km/h

Sunday, July 17

5.0 mile run (9:00 min/mile)

60 minute walk

40 minutes cycling commuting

Monday, July 18

60 minutes upper body strength training

40 minutes cycling commuting

60 minute spin class (instructing)


Tuesday, July 19

2000m swimming

50 minutes cycling commuting

60 minute walk

Wednesday, July 20

5.0 mile run (8:58 min/mile)

11.6km walk to and from work

Thursday, July 21

7.0 mile run (9:22 min/mile)

45KM cycling (27.6 km/h)

I’ve really enjoyed active commuting this week and it felt weird on Thursday when I didn’t bike or walk to work. I worked at 7am and just didn’t make it out of bed and showered in time to get to work on my bike. I probably still could have if I hustled but then I would be either late or very sweaty so I opted to drive. I like getting my steps in when I walk to work but having the ability to get to work in 20 minutes by bike is great!


I feel oddly guilty when I don’t run a lot. It’s weird, maybe it’s because my blog is named “Canadian Girl Runs” or because people tend to know me as the girl that loves running, but I get this sense of guilt when I’m not running “as much as my crazy normal self.” It’s stupid to feel guilty, especially because it’s not like I’m skipping my workouts completely, I’m still staying super active, but when I’m not running it feels like I’m not working out as much. I’m weird. I think the bike ride this weekend has kept me fairly occupied with cycling workouts and maybe when it’s over I’ll run once or twice more a week.

Do you ever take a break from running?

Do you feel guilty if you miss a certain workout or exercise?

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Thinking Out Loud Thursday #72!

YASSSS! It’s Thursday. I have Friday and Sunday off this week so it’s kind of like my Friday today. Being the generous and selfless soul that I am, I am covering eight hours at work on Saturday. In actuality I did it to get my Sunday shift off for the big bike ride. I don’t even want to think about the fact that instead of working eight hours on Sunday I will be spending almost that exact amount of time on the roads cycling. Let’s dive into some Thinking Out Loud Thursday with Amanda at Running with Spoons.


  • Speaking of the big bike ride… I’m getting excited about it! 169km is on my agenda for Sunday and I am trying not to obsessively check the weather forecast. After all, it’s Alberta and things can change in an instant. I am crossing my fingers for no wind and no rain but I know I can push through any and all conditions to accomplish the distance.


  • I’m also getting excited for some backcountry camping next week. It’s my only real “trip” planned this summer so I’m getting pumped for it! I have only ever backcountry camped on the West Coast Trail so I can’t wait to head into the mountains with Jo for some hiking and camping! #tbt to the WCT!


  • One of my coworkers hit the road this week to Victoria, BC to visit family and I was absurdly jealous. I am in need of some ocean or lake or general BC time. I think towards the end of August I want to plan a visit but with job applications and finishing school I’m kind of stuck not being able to plan too far ahead. I MISS THE OCEAN.


  • My school supervisor and I finally finished editing my thesis and sent it to my committee members for feedback. Reviewing a thesis is the most tedious, time-consuming, monotonous thing I’ve ever done and I was so happy to send that email this week for external feedback.


  • I laughed so hard at this. “a papa john if you will…”


  • No matter how you feel about Justin Bieber, I hope you were able to enjoy THIS video. I know it’s old news now and he’s done many more collaborations for this carpool karaoke segment but I still love this one. JB has some undeniable talent.


  • Some of our neighbour friends went camping in Kimberley last weekend and when they posted photos on Facebook I was flooded with memories of the 6 years I lived there. That place is still one of my favourites in the world and I have a special spot in my heart for that little piece of the Kootenays. Our neighbours even walked to my favourite waterfall and took a few photos, so I told them that we took back-to-school photos every year at those falls. PROOF.


We lived in a little duplex with a huge backyard that backed onto a creek and some of my favourite childhood memories are there. I didn’t intend for this post to be so emotionally attached to BC but I feel a pull back to the province lately!


Alright that’s all I have for today. I’m working at the city outdoor pool today so I may just have to do a few extra deck patrols to work on my tan (lines). Have an awesome Thursday peeps and don’t forget to check back tomorrow for Fitness Friday!

What is one place that you find your heart strings still attached?

Lakes, ocean, or rivers -> pick one that you love most!

Tell me a fun #TBT memory!

Ways to not be a gross active commuter.

As you may or may not know, I love to active commute. I don’t really run commute because I sweat too much and usually don’t leave enough time for a shower at work. I do however like to walk to work or bike to work. My work is about 6-7km away from my house, based on the varying routes I can take, so it takes me 50-55 minutes to walk to work and 20 minutes to bike to work. You wouldn’t think that would be enough time to become super gross but apparently my body is great at cooling itself and I am a quick sweater. Yeah. I know. So I have a few ways that hopefully help me not to be a gross commuter.


  1. ALWAYS bring an extra shirt. Just in case. More often than not I bring a change of clothes to work in because I don’t like damp shirts. I get to wear the most delightful non-breathing and unventilated vest for my job so I like feeling fresh underneath it.
  2. Deodorant, especially spray dry deodorant, is underrated. Who needs a shower when you have dry deodorant and dry shampoo in your backpack? If I get to work early and swim it’s great because I can fully shower and change but if not, a spritz works in a flash.

IMG_15523. Remember to check the weather forecast for later. One time I walked to work in the beautiful sunshine and then during the last hour of my shift I stared out the window at the pouring rain and thunder and lightning. I called my dad to pick me up because he’s the best and I’m a pansy. If you’re too hot or too cold, you’ll be gross and unhappy.

4. Bring a hair elastic. I’m lucky in the fact that I don’t have to dress up for my job right now, so I can throw my hair in a pony tail if need be. I always have a hair elastic on me to toss it in a bun when I’m walking or biking and if I’m a little too warm at work and need the breathing space.

IMG_12995. Don’t just sit and sweat. I take bit of time to cool down outside, in the back office, or blatantly in front of the fans at the front office. I usually walk into the back room and tell someone how grossly sweaty I am… (next post up is “how to make friends at work” 😉 ).

6. Dress cooler. I have underestimated the temperature far too often. It was 17 degrees one day and I walked to work and I almost died of heat stroke. Okay, a tad exaggerated, but it was hot and I didn’t bring an extra shirt (see #1) and I was sweaty. I always try and dress a little cooler than I think I should, because inevitably it’s hotter walking or biking.


I’m slowly figuring it out, because active commuting is awesome, but being a gross active commuter is less awesome. I’m sure my coworkers could write a completely different blog post about how the have that one “gross active commuter” but I’m learning guys! I am loving a swim before work because then I get to shower and be squeaky clean right before work.

Do you active commute?

Any brave run commuters out there? Any tips to share?

Did you consider your distance to work when you found a place to live or vice versa?