5:00 am is good for something.

I am tapering. I am tapering. I am tapering. I must repeat this to myself every morning so my legs aren’t hating me on Sunday. I will not run, I will not run, I will not run. I may have said this out loud to myself multiple times on my WALK this morning. 

I enjoy exercising in the morning, before I do anything else. I like to start my day with some heart pumping cardio or weights and I think I have a better day when there are endorphins flowing through my veins. 

I went for a walk at 5:00 am before work. I can’t believe how dark it is in the morning now. After June the days get shorter way too fast. The moon was huge this morning and almost full so it was nice and bright. 5:00 am is good for something… the sunrise. It was gorgeous. I understand why my dad insists on walking to work EVERY morning no matter what. It is peaceful, gorgeous, and the fresh air is a great way to start the day. 

This is what happens when I try to take a picture of the beginning of the sunrise while I am walking. I was either walking really fast or bouncing around a lot when I walked. 

When I got closer to home I actually stopped to take a picture. I don’t know if a camera can even capture the peace and beauty.

This “lake” is across the street from our house and has a little path along one side of it. I call it a “lake” because it resembles more of a puddle. 

I think it is pretty nice that we have a house with a lake view. Can’t get enough of that water view, eh? I swear it’s there… there… in the centre of the picture… see? I mean who would want to actually live right on the lake… catching the breeze from the water… and having wild birds around all the time… gross. I’ll stick to the patch of water view from the window in my parent’s bathroom thank you very much. 

My walk ended up being 4.26 miles at a 13:11 min/mile pace. After working nine days in a row I have the weekend off! Sunday will be spent running the half marathon and then eating everything and anything in sight right after… Saturday will be spent stressing about running on Sunday. A whole day off and I have to rest my legs. Someone may need to restrain me so I don’t go for a run.