A $600 trip to the gym.

I had my last day of spin for this summer session today. My instructor calls it “graduation day” and he works us extremely hard to show how far we have come this session… it was AWESOME! After spin I did a short 20 minute run and then a bit of arm strength in the weight room. 

I have to say, running for a certain time and not a certain distance felt really weird. I am used to setting the treadmill for X.0 miles and then running until I hit that mark. Running for a set time, which means the mileage does not fit my OCD tendencies being 2.18 miles or something today, was strange. Or maybe I am the strange one… nah, can’t be.

After dinner I hit up the gym for a second round of arm weight lifting with my mom and brother. I decided to dress like my current favourite summer fruit (besides raspberries of course, because nothing beats raspberries). I tend to grab a pair of bottoms and a workout top and don’t really think too hard about which of each I am grabbing. I ended up dressed like a watermelon today. I do in fact own 79% neon workout shirts.

I feel like part of a team when my family and I are all walking around the house with matching fitness centre wrist bands. Yes, we are cool like that.

Dang it, even my mom’s skin is darker than mine. 

As I mentioned it was my last day of spin for the summer session today, so of course it got me thinking about the vast number of classes available for registration in the fall. I really want to continue with spin, especially if I decide to become an instructor, so I sought out the classes that would work best with my school schedule. I will be attending Tuesday and Thursday Spin Express classes (5:45am – 6:30am) every week from September to December now! It works perfectly with my classes as I can spin before I have to go to school! 

I couldn’t register for the classes as a “member” initially because my membership runs out in early September. I had to renew my annual membership and then register for the classes, as members get 15% off classes. I spent about $600 on my trip to the gym tonight… sorry bank account. 

Despite the initial hit to my Mastercard, I am ecstatic for my fall spin classes, especially because one of the days is being taught by my favourite spin instructor. I also love the various drop-in classes available to members for FREE! The fall drop-in schedule came out recently and I get way too excited just looking at all the classes I could take. I am sure as soon as school starts I will be reminded multiple times by my parents, conscience, and dropping grades, that school is ultimately more important than attending Yoga Flow and Maximum Muscle classes. 

For now it is fun to imagine having all the free time in the world to attend as many fun fitness classes as I want, all day, every day. If only…