Banff? Yes please.

One of my favourite places in the world is Banff. This place is amazing. A little tourist town tucked in the mountains, full of dining, shopping, hiking, biking, and drop dead gorgeous views. 

I think I would like to tour the town by horse carriage. Heaven forbid I walk the three streets in this town. 

We happened to park near a LuluLemon. How unfortunate. I feel like I could buy everything in LuluLemon. EVERYTHING. Yes, I do need seven of the same shirt… one for every day of the week. I still haven’t decided what type of shorts to wear for my half marathon… skin-tight or not? Decisions decisions.

I think maybe I should buy this for running. I would definitely stand out. Except I usually have to pee a lot. A onesie wouldn’t really work for that. Could you imagine seeing me in this at the gym? My gym crushes wouldn’t be able to stay away. 

Speaking of running, after the day in the mountains I was exhausted, I slept so well and woke up ready to run. I asked my mom if she wanted to join me… she did… for just over a mile. Apparently we don’t run identical paces, so let’s consider our mile together my warm-up at an 8:35 minute mile. The next four miles I gave ‘er and ran a 7:45 min/mile pace. I had a bit of a cool down when I jogged back to run the last bit with my mom. 

We then drove home and I think the fresh mountain air is still in my system because I am so tired! 

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