Blogging, eh?

It’s better to arrive late than never right? I think I’ve entered the blogging world approximately 6.3 years later than most, but as with most technology, I’ve finally caught on. Oh, and most people stopped listening to me ramble on and on about food and exercise in the real world so I am forced to spread my words of wisdom and sarcasm to the lucky few on the internet who happen to pass by this blog.

In short, I love exercise, peanut butter, country music, and being a Canadian girl. I love to travel and explore new places and don’t worry, I’ll post all about them. I think you’ll also hear lots about my undying love for oatmeal and running on the treadmill. 

My posts might be interesting, boring, ridiculous, strange, or fun, but I can guarantee they’ll be flipping hilarious of course. Don’t take my words too seriously though, I’m just a girl running around Canada 🙂 


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