C’mon gang… it’s abdominal time.

I struggle with finding my six-pack. I thought with all of the cardio and strength training I do I would just lift my shirt up one day and BAM… abs. Apparently it doesn’t work that way. I have tried many things to strengthen my abs like doing 100 crunches every day or seeing how long I can plank and trying to increase it every day. One of the most surprising things I have found on my quest to flat and toned abs is the move that strengthens my core more than I ever thought it would is a push-up. If I stop doing pushups for a while and then go and try to do a bunch of them, the muscles that become sore are my core muscles. Hence the reason I have challenged myself to do 50 push-ups every day this month… not only to make my arms look less like spaghetti noodles, but my core gets a bit of a daily challenge as well.

In keeping on my quest to a six pack, I have tried to find new and inventive ways to work my abs and usually end up reverting back to old school crunches. Crunches work for the most part… but I get a little bored doing 52849 of them so it’s nice to have a routine of various forms of crunches to do. Every day in August I have done an 8-minute ab routine from a video on Youtube. It has really helped my core muscles. No, unfortunately I don’t have a well defined six pack but I have really noticed a difference in the muscle density in my abdomen. 

C’mon gang.

The video is from the 80s or 90s and is instructed by a man in a lot of neon spandex. I started to make fun of his outfit but then realized I was wearing neon pink spandex shorts and an orange shirt… I think I am exercising in the wrong decade. The instructor says a lot of things like “C’mon gang” and “alright gang five more seconds” as well as offering many words of encouragement. He makes sure to specify that you should not be pulling your neck and never to let your lower back leave the floor – very important rules of form for ab work!

The ab routine consists of 8-minutes of a bunch of different moves:

  1. Basic crunch – 45 seconds.
  2. Right oblique crunch – 45 seconds.
  3. Left oblique crunch – 45 seconds.
  4. Toe touches – 45 seconds.
  5. Reverse crunch – 45 seconds.
  6. Right side crunch – 45 seconds.
  7. Left side crunch – 45 seconds.
  8. Push throughs – 45 seconds.
  9. Leg pushes – 45 seconds.
  10. Alternating curls – 45 seconds.
  11. Curls – 30 seconds.
  12. Isometric hold – 5 seconds.

I will spare you the pictures of me performing these moves. I have a feeling I don’t look as graceful as I feel when doing this workout. There are a couple more videos by the same people… 8-minute arms and 8-minute buns. I haven’t tried either of them but I’m sure if they are as effective as the ab video then I will have fantastic abs, arms, and buns in no time. 

I had a day off… yet where did I end up? Starbucks. Don’t ask what is going on with my hair, I said it was my day off, clearly that means you must not put any time and effort into your hair, makeup, or choice of clothing.