Froyo in my fat pants.

It has become a tradition in the Murray family to treat ourselves to froyo on the last day of the month… and by tradition I mean we did it in July and thought it was a good idea, so we did it again in August. We try to be as active and healthy as we can 98% of the time, so once and a while it is nice to treat ourselves and celebrate all of the fitness goals and challenges we accomplished during the month. What better way to celebrate than with plenty of chocolate and candy? Broccoli may be good food for your health, but frozen yogurt with dark chocolate covered almonds is good food for your soul.

97% fat free and 100% delicious. In July we went out for froyo at Twisted Yogurt and my dad almost had a heart attack when our froyo weighed in at $28.37. In an effort to not have to remortgage our house we opted to do an “at-home froyo night” for about a third of the price!

When you cannot decide what toppings to add to your frozen yogurt it is common sense to add them all. We had dark chocolate covered almonds, Reese pieces, clodhoppers, raspberries, blueberries, nuts, gummy berries, Crispy Crunch, and chocolate pieces. 

I think someone’s yogurt looks a little too healthy. Weirdo.

Luckily that left more chocolate for the rest of us. Good thing I had my fat pants on… elastic waists are so handy sometimes.

We were a little excited to eat our froyo. Just a little. 

When we were little my mom used to fill ice cream cones with strawberry yogurt, sprinkle raisins on top, and call them “ice cream cones.” We didn’t know what actual ice cream was until elementary school. The healthy lifestyle thing started at an early age. Also, if you need a way to give your kids trust issues – the yogurt cone method is perfect.

I am pretty sure this can be considered healthy because it is “frozen yogurt” after all right?

Stuart claims he got an extra serving of fruit in his dessert today. I don’t think we have the same definition of “fruit.” Gummy berries are about 0.03% actual fruit… good try Stuart.

Mother Nature delayed our summer weather a couple months so it looks like we are starting September with sunshine and high temperatures… just in time for school. At least the lecture halls don’t have windows, that way I won’t know how much sunshine I am missing during class. 

Vitamin D, here I come!

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