Hot skies and hot sauce.

The neighbourhood that we live in currently backs on to a developing subdivision. As of now they have paved the streets and graded the lots. I will be extremely disappointed when they start actually building houses, not only because construction work will begin every day outside of my bedroom window before 6:00am, but mostly because right now we have a pretty nice view of the beautiful Alberta sunsets.

Literally neon clouds… so cool.

I love the prairie sunrises and sunsets. Yes, the mountains of the west coast are amazing, but they kind of take away from the horizon that goes on forever. Gorgeous, and minus the few nights that there are dark thunder clouds swirling around to block it, the sunset is like this EVERY night. Can we buy the lots behind our house to prevent someone from living in the way of my nightly sunset viewing?

Dinner tonight was chicken quinoa stir fry. Delicious, and I discovered one of my new favourite condiments. Sriracha hot chili sauce.

I am possibly one of the last people to try this hot sauce. It is SO good. I have seen it on other blogs and such but never tried to even find it in the grocery store… feel free to shake your head at me at this point in time. Lesson learned.

It is a perfect sweet and hot chili spice. You don’t need much to make your lips and tongue burrrrn. Yum. It was a hit with the whole family and some of us may have put too much on at first.

I was definitely ready for the chicken quinoa stir fry after a gym workout with my brother. I did 3.0 miles of a “recovery” run from yesterday’s longer run. Stairmaster and Jacobs Ladder for a little more cardio and then we hit the weights for arms and abs. Resistant band punches equal severely burning arms. A good burn though, like a Sriracha burn.