I WILL convert you.

I have essentially made it my mission to convert anyone I meet into a spin class lover. First I should probably work on converting my family into spin addicts like I am. My mom was the first victim  enthusiastic spin partner to accompany me to a spin class, and it was definitely not because she was the only one home and had nothing better to do. We went to a drop-in class taught by my favourite instructor. 

It was a killer class and we did plenty of intervals. I am pretty sure someone messed with the gears on my spin bike because the gears I usually use for this instructor’s drills felt way too easy… that, or my legs are getting really strong. Let’s go with the latter reason. It was a really fun class and despite the lack of hill climbs which are my favourite drill – it was an amazing workout. My mom claims she liked it but she may change her mind when she can’t move her legs tomorrow.

Another day off of work and after spin class I didn’t have too much planned so I did fun things like debate whether or not it is actually necessary to go up stairs with my sore legs or if my laundry can wait just one more day.

I have also managed to replenish all of the fluids I lost as sweat in spin class with delicious fruit. What will I do when summer is over and all of this fruit is out of season? I already consume about 73% of my family’s food budget. 

Yum. I got hungry again just looking at those pictures. Don’t worry, I made the mandatory stop at Starbucks to get coffee today… heaven forbid I go one day without it.

That orange coffee cup sleeve means it’s almost time for Pumpkin Spice Latte season, also known as autumn, quite possibly my favourite time of year!


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