If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em… or do both.

I did an hour of spin today at the gym using my favourite spin playlist on my iPod. The gym was about 47 degrees with the humidity… so sweaty. Good thing I remembered a towel. I think I’ll bring a beach towel next time, that’s probably more suited to my sweating needs. 

We have quite the collection of fitness centre wrist bands. I wish I had a picture of all of mine throughout the year… THAT would be a collection.

After my brother was off work I joined him and my dad at the gym. These are some pretty awesome boys to workout with. We are all extremely competitive so everything we did from rowing to planks to wall squats was a competition. Obviously I won.

My dad claims he “hasn’t lifted weights in years.” Apparently he has maintained his guns with no effort whatsoever. Must be nice. If I don’t lift weights for a week I lose approximately 87% of my muscle mass. I have been challenging myself to do 50 pushups daily in August… I think this has weakened my arms more than strengthened them.

You may be thinking, “Wow, your dad has fairly dark skin, how come you can’t tan nor have any pigment in your skin Kris?” 

I don’t know. I really just don’t know. For reference, this is a picture of my dad’s arm next to my arm. If you can only see my dad’s arm that is because my arm practically blends in with the white background.

I love working out with my dad and brother for another reason – we all enjoy meal #9 of the day when we get home from the gym. Fact: That pushup I did entitles me to an unlimited amount of peanut butter on my crackers… don’t look that up, just take my word for it.

I hope the boys invite me to more gym workouts. Cross your fingers that my dancing while wall squatting (yes, it’s possible) and singing while on the rowing machine didn’t scare them away.


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