It’s official… I’m crazy.

If someone told me they were going to run 12 miles in 31 degrees Celsius, I would tell them they’re crazy. I suppose that makes me crazy. My last long run before the half marathon, which is in two weeks, was scheduled for today… twelve miles. 

It was HOT. My mom rode her bike along side me the entire way and carried a water bottle on her bike to keep me hydrated. I had about 28mL of water. Oops. I definitely downed many glasses of water and electrolytes when I got home. 

I knew I was going to be slow. I knew I SHOULD go slow because I definitely don’t want any injuries two weeks away from race day! I secretly wanted to run at least 9:00 min/mile. Without the few stops for water, my pace was EXACTLY 9:00 min/mile, 9:01 min/mile with a couple stops. I thought about quitting many times, but considering my run was a giant loop around town, the only way to get home was to finish the loop, and I knew there was a delicious dinner awaiting me, so I had to keep running. 

My favourite part about finishing a long run. Lying on the cool floor, getting my sweat all over the carpet. Sorry mom. I would like to note I don’t think my luminescent pale skin will ever tan. 

I lied. THIS is my favourite part of finishing a long run… eating amazing homemade pizza and refuelling every single one of my glycogen stores. The boys were in charge of dinner while the girls were outside galavanting in the sun. They pulled through and the pizza was delicious!

Rehydrating. Icing. Resting. Stretching. I think that sums up my post-run activities. I think running in conditions like extreme heat, or extreme cold… flashbacks to my training for the Hypothermic Half Marathon… just make us stronger. My run today showed me that even if it is thirty degrees and humid and I am running in the direct sun of the afternoon with no breeze – I can do it. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?


  1. That is right….the body can take way more than we think sometimes. You rock and are going to kill that half marathon.

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