It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

I hope you started singing the title when you read it. The countdown is on until the first day of school. I am not really ready to go back and start the constant homework, studying, exams, and midterms but I do like routine and having a set schedule. Again, I’m a little OCD about this stuff. 

Today I took Stuart to the university to tour where all of his classes are so he knows where he is going during the first couple days of classes. He has quite big gaps between his classes so it’s not like he’ll be sprinting from class to class… unlike me who will have to literally run across campus to make my classes on time. There are no gaps in between my classes. The plus side? That means I only go to the university two days a week!

Yes, my schedule is in fact colour coordinated. We went to the bookstore to buy the books on our book lists. The bookstore had one of my books. One. At least I only had to spend $18. Stuart on the other hand left with a hefty bill of $800 for his books. Ha. At the bookstore I bought my favourite school supply. I cherish it every year… my planner. Nerd alert.

We stopped to pick up our Fall Term bus passes. I can’t say I have missed public transportation this summer. 

We stopped on the way home from the university to get some notebooks and various school supplies. In the age of technology many people take notes on their laptops… I am not one of those people. I remember things a lot better if I write them down. If I were to bring my laptop to class I would spend far too much time reading blogs and checking Facebook. Subject dependent notebooks and multicolour packs of pens… did I say nerd alert already?

Today my legs made sure to remind me that I ran 13.1 miles yesterday. My hips and quads are a little sore but I would be in far worse shape had I not trained for the race. It is such a weird feeling after a race. I have no training schedule, I have no nerves regarding exercise, I have no anticipation building day by day. After a couple months of training and planning for one day, one race, it is hard to believe it is over. I guess I will just have to revel in my pride for a little bit… then it will be time to plan my next race of course. I think texting and blogging is about the most muscle movement and exercise I will be doing today.

Oh, and lifting utensils to eat my weight in homemade pizza, salad, and crackers. I have been hungry ALL day. My metabolism must still be revving from yesterday’s half marathon right? I should take advantage of that.