Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon, somewhere we have driven by for so long and never stopped, until now. The creek flows between Helena Ridge and Sawback Range, carving through the limestone rock, and empties into the Bow River, between Lake Louise and Banff. 

Good thing the hike we did was only 0.5 miles. We didn’t do the 1.5 miles… canoeing was enough of a workout. I thought because I had sunglasses on I could close my eyes for the picture… oops. Pretend they are open.

The colour of the creek was just like Lake Louise, beautiful aqua.

This was the lower falls, really pretty and really loud! There was a little cavern that you could go in and see the falls closer… my camera lens got wet… excellent. These two look extremely happy to be hiking. I think I attempted to take this picture while running ahead of them, is blurry the new style of photography?

Good thing I wore spandex. Wait, when do I ever not wear spandex? It definitely helped me out-hike the elderly and children on the trail.

It would have been cool to hike to the Upper Falls… next time. I think that just gives us an excuse to go back. There were quite a few people on the trail, hurray for tourist season! I suppose it is nice to see people using the Park especially after the floods in and around the area. It’s really hard to support the National Parks… I mean you have to stare at waterfalls like this all day.