Lululemon, you’ve done it again.

I made fun of it. I mocked it. I asked who would buy it. But then I couldn’t stop thinking about it… so I bought it.

And shortly after, I fell in love.

I’m talking about none other than the Lululemon Speedy Runsie that I first saw in Banff a few weeks ago. It is a onesie for running… you read that right. Lululemon, you’ve done it again, another excellent addition to my wardrobe. I was going to write “running wardrobe” but I think by now my entire wardrobe can be considered a running wardrobe. 

I actually bought this before the half marathon but wasn’t about to try it for the first time in a race so I patiently waited until my first post-race run to try it out. I think a hard-core spin class is the cure for sore running legs because I woke up with legs that just wanted to go for a run. So run I did.

I ran 8.01 miles this morning at a steady pace of 8:36 min/mile. It was an amazing run. The sun was starting to warm up the air but there was enough cloud and a bit of a breeze that it didn’t feel too warm. I ran where there is hardly any traffic, put on my favourite running playlist, and had a fabulous run. I was SO comfortable running in my Runsie. I absolutely LOVE it. I really hope my running form isn’t actually anything close to this.

I felt amazing running this morning and my Garmin always reflects the feeling of my runs too. I can tell it is a good one when my pace is consistent throughout the run. This morning my miles were a little something like 8:38, 8:39, 8:38, 8:48, 8:32, 8:37, 8:28, 8:23. If my pace is going up and down by more than 30 seconds per mile, you know I am struggling. No sign of that this morning!

I can’t wait to run in my Runsie again! I have a feeling the Runsie will be making it’s first gym appearance soon as well. Love. it. 


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