Oh hey Calgary!

My two last consecutive days off this summer will be spent wisely. My mom and I jumped in the car after work to head down to visit my Aunt in Calgary… GIRLS WEEKEND WEEKDAY GETAWAY! My mom drove, which means it took 1.3 times longer than it would have if I had been driving. 

It was a beautiful day for a drive in the prairies. 

Of course we made the mandatory stops at Starbucks and Subway. I fear no Subway employee will ever know what I mean when I say “extra extra extra veggies.” Dip some carrot sticks in the Subway sweet onion sauce… you won’t regret it. One of us had major issues when trying to eat and drive. 

I love to drive with my mom. We always have very important topics to talk about. Such as the importance of pickles to the integrity of any Subway salad or sandwich. 

Also discussed was the beauty of hay bales and how despite the flatness of the prairies and the lack of sights, we could never get bored driving through fields and being able to see forever. 

Happily settled in Calgary, I have a strange love for this city.

I did a couple recovery miles on the treadmill and then 30 minutes of intervals on the elliptical at the gym before the road trip. I think exercise before a road trip helps me to be less restless in the car. Only one bathroom break on the three hour drive, believe it or not, that is a huge accomplishment for me!

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