The best restaurant = picnic in the woods.

After the exhausting workout that was canoeing in Lake Louise we were starving and ready for a delicious picnic lunch. We stopped at the picnic area at Corral Creek for lunch. It had a cute little creek, uh obviously… and an adorable rock fireplace with surrounding picnic tables. I really would like to come back here for a fire and some s’mores!

We packed tons of food and my mom was worried we would have leftovers… I don’t think she even knows me?

Vegetables, fruit, chicken, cheese, black bean chips, salsa… everything I could ever ask for. I love picnics… who needs a restaurant? Unless you like paying twenty dollars for a “salad” consisting of three cherry tomatoes on a chunk of iceberg lettuce? 

Compliments to the chef – my Auntie Pam!

Of course we need a picture of us eating our picnic lunch. But first there was a mandatory “smile check.” I think I had two different coloured peppers stuck in my teeth. Good job, Kris.

My mom looks beautiful even with her eyes closed. That’s what sunglasses are for mom. Delicious lunch which fuelled us for the tasking drive home. There were so many picnic areas on the old highway between Lake Louise and Banff. I don’t think you can choose a wrong one.

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