The Name of the Game.

I go to registered spin classes every Thursday morning at 5:45am. My regular instructor is on holidays so our sub instructor is teaching the last two classes. The sub instructor is AWESOME. I love him. Every spin instructor has a bit of a different teaching style and I follow his the best so far. I have been looking into becoming a certified spin instructor. The certification entails a couple courses followed by a couple of exams. I love spin so much and have made a few of my own spin playlists and drills to accompany them so I figure the next step is to try and become an instructor. I am trying to observe the different spin instructor’s teaching styles and making mental notes of what I like and what I don’t like for future reference.

ENERGY – Yes, it is 5:45am. No, I am not awake yet. I definitely count on my instructor to pump me full of energy at that time in the morning, or whatever time of day for that matter! If the instructor doesn’t have a ton of energy, I don’t think the class will either.

MUSIC – This is one of the most important components of a spin class to me. Upbeat music is usually what gets me going and makes me push harder. Of course in the playlists I make for myself I love all of the music and can dance and sing along to it (sorry to those around me) but the playlists created by instructors are really integral to the class. Variety, beat, and volume are huge. New music, old classics, hard beats… all are perfect for spin!

VARIETY – I don’t know one person who would love to do an hour of sprinting drills or an hour of jumps. Switching up drills and integrating hovers, hill climbs, sprints, repeats, and more is key to keeping the class engaged and keeping participants guessing as to what is coming next. I definitely LOVE hill climbs but an hour of them would kill my quads, so variety is good for working all muscles possible.

PUNCTUALITY – One of the reasons I love the spin instructor I had this morning is because he always starts class on time. He was there when I got there, and I am the first one there to warm up all the time. My regular instructor started the first class late, and a couple classes after that, and that really doesn’t make for a good first impression. Being on time lets your class know that you are there for them and ready to give them a good workout.

TALK, TALK, TALK – Encouraging your class, pushing individuals, singing, calling the time left for certain drills, and any talking that will keep the class engaged and pumped is essential. If an instructor starts the drill and lets the class go for even a few minutes I tend to lose focus really easily. Talking and making eye contact with participants in the class will keep everyone going and pushing hard.

If I do manage to become a certified spin instructor I will do my best to attain all of these qualities and incorporate them into my classes. I just started spinning this year and I ADORE it. It is a great workout and so much fun!

This morning my really awesome sub spin instructor said we were going to do some spin, then some games, then some spin, then some more games. I was curious… games? In spin? Apparently the name of the game was “See how much Kris can sweat.” His “games” were probably the toughest drills I have ever done… they were AWESOME. My ponytail could be wrung out at the end. Gross, I know.

If you haven’t tried a spin class I definitely recommend trying one. All you need are runners (if you have clip cycling shoes, they are even better), lots of water, and probably a towel… or maybe the towel is just me. I promise you will like it… and if you don’t, come and join me in one of my spin sessions with my iPod and I and we will have tons of fun (I have Beyonce and J-Biebs on my playlists.)


  1. Sounds awesome. I may have to take you up on that offer next time I’m in Edmonton (but not this time – I think the 1/2 will be enough 😉 haha)

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