The orange apron.


My brother, Stuart! He was actually hired a couple weeks ago but I haven’t had the chance to stalk visit him at work yet so I had yet to see him sporting the orange apron. He had been procrastinating getting a job for a while, but after lots of pressure and nagging, and a little boredom, he applied and was hired in the lumber department at The Home Depot.

So far he has been working pretty much on an opposite schedule as me so I haven’t seen him as much as I used to pre-Home Depot… one less person to listen to my crazy rants and stories and thoughts now. He must be so disappointed. He is still training but when we went to visit tonight he was helping customers and rocking the orange apron like no man’s business.

On our trip to the Home Depot my mom managed to find the ugliest item sold at The Home Depot… and she wanted to buy it.

I don’t think I have ever heard someone say, “You know what is missing from this awesome patio? A nice big grass shag area rug.” Never. Not once.

Congratulations on the new job Stuart!

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