Welcome to bootcamp.

My family members, as in my mom, my dad, and my brother, are now all members of Servus Place – the fitness centre I work out at. This place is seriously awesome. The bottom floor is huge and has multiple ice surfaces, basketball courts, indoor soccer fields, and a pool which has lane swimming, waterslides, a lazy river, hot tub, sauna, and tot pool. The second floor, otherwise known as my second home, has the fitness centre with tons of cardio and a huge weight lifting area as well as a few fitness studios where they hold various classes. The third floor has an indoor track, a spin bike area, rowing machines, a Jacobs Ladder, and various exercise equipment. An annual membership also gives you access to Fountain Park Recreation Centre which has a full lane swimming pool and a few other pools and hot tubs. Fountain Park is where I go whenever I swim laps. 

My brother, Stuart, and I went to “check out” Servus Place last night so I could show him around. We ended up doing a 45-minute workout and we were exhausted and so sweaty by the end. He thinks I was trying to kill him. I wasn’t, I promise.

Today apparently Stuart forgot how sore he was from last night and he joined my mom and I at Servus for another heart pounding workout. I had 3.0 miles on my running schedule so I did those on the treadmill at a 7:57 min/mile pace. After our warm-up we did a cardio circuit on the Jacobs Ladder and rowers. The Jacobs Ladder is no joke. Towel required. 

I need gloves or some other dorky workout gear for the rower. Callouses, ouch.

After we were dripping from the cardio circuit we did weights. We strength trained arms today and did lots of it! I have found the best arm workout – ropes. Those giant ropes that you swing and alternate arms, making waves in the ropes. Serious arm killer. 

10 minutes of Jacobs Ladder.
2000m rower.

30 second intervals of ropes / step-up shoulder presses.
Triceps dips off of a step / lunges with bicep curls.
Resistant band punches / chest flies.
Weighted bar shoulder raises.
Push-ups / raised plank with triceps pulls / crunches.
Weighted ball throw downs / resistant band punches.

Just a bunch of sweaty messes. The time flew by and we were there for almost two hours. I can’t wait until tomorrow when we all won’t be able to lift our arms higher than our shoulders. That should be fun. No pain no gain, right?

We definitely lost a lot of sweat during that workout, so besides downing many many many glasses of water, the next best way to hydrate in the summer = watermelon. This watermelon was intelligently named “Harry Pottermelon.” 

I think my mom and brother owe my some serious dollar for that personal training session. As much as I am a huge independent exerciser, I loved training with my family today. I also loved kicking their butts – it was like bootcamp! Welcome to Kris Murray’s bootcamp… level 115, as in you don’t only give 110%, you give 115%.

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  1. Thanks for the workout! Seriously, I may not be able to move tomorrow. The bonus part of it all – eating a huge dinner after!

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