A sibling cycle in the rain.

One of my other favourite people joined me for a bike ride today… my brother, Stuart! I need someone to bike with me and push me, not physically push me because that would be embarrassing, but enable me to tough it out and go as fast as I can. We started out cycling in the same area that my dad and I biked last weekend, but detoured at the end and went for a little longer. We were really excited to be matching. My dad was excited to be photobombing. He was recovering from his own 76.8 km bike ride! 

It was raining for 98% of our bike ride. It was windy as well. That was a fun challenge. Every corner we turned it seemed like the wind got stronger. Stuart follows the rules of the road VERY strictly… without any cars in sight he still waited at the red stop light until it turned green. 

We wore sunglasses… and probably looked like idiots, but at least they blocked the rain from going in our eyeballs. 

It was my brilliant idea to try and go 50 km. Stuart didn’t anticipate going so far because I didn’t tell him about our distance goal until about 30 km into the ride. He was pretty sure I was trying to kill him, or at least kill his quads. 

Part of our ride consisted of biking out to Big Lake. Even in the clouds and rain I think it is gorgeous. 

We rode a solid 32.01 miles, or 51.52 km if you speak Canadian. It was fun and I think the rain cooled us off nicely! We made a solid loop around the city and hit up the army base along the way… no hot uniformed army boys to be found. Next time.

We were proud of our almost 52 km, even though it wasn’t quite as far as our dad rode… and I think he did it in less time. How? I don’t know.

We were a little wet, muddy, and tired when we got home, but happy to be done! I wore my “Crazy Fast” shirt once again to try and ride a little faster. I think it worked. Our speed was about 15.1 mph. Translated into Canadian that is about 24.3 km/h. 

There was nothing we wanted more for dinner than a hot bowl of homemade soup so my amazing mom whipped up some mexican chicken soup and cheddar biscuits. This picture is the first of three servings. It was that good. Or maybe I was just hungry. Either way, it filled us up and warmed us up!

I can’t wait for our next bike ride Stuart! 60 km next time?


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