Cycling with one of my favourite people.

It was another scorcher today so my dad and I had to create our own breeze by cycling really fast. I don’t normally go for long bike rides because riding alone gets boring extremely quickly. My dad loves to cycle so it wasn’t hard to convince him to come with me on my ride, even though he had already gone on a 54 km ride in the morning. I think he knew that riding with me would be at a more “leisurely” pace than what he was used to. I believe I caught him yawning a couple times while I was peddling my buns off!

I tried out my dad’s bike today instead of my own bike which is a very heavy mountain bike and would have made me even slower than I already was. My dad road his road bike which is really light, so by hauling the heavier one I got twice the workout in my opinion. I am jealous of my dad’s cycling shoes… I need to invest in some of these bad boys for my spin classes and occasional cycling adventures.

We rode on the paved country roads to avoid traffic… something about me not being a graceful rider who can stay on the shoulders of busy roads. At least I made some friends this way.

Bugs kept hitting me in the face… that was fun. When I told my dad that a fly almost went in my mouth he said I should probably stop talking and keep my mouth shut for the rest of the ride… I don’t think he was kidding.

We biked for 20.01 miles at about a 15.1 mph speed. I may have rode up and down my street a few times to hit the 20.0 mark. How could I stop at 19.83? That would just be wrong. I had my Garmin on and forgot to change it into “cycling mode” so now it thinks I am a really fast runner that can burn 1500 calories an hour… I wish.

I feel a little guilty about dragging my dad out for a second bike ride after seeing him grab an ice pack from the freezer tonight. 86 km in thirty degree heat takes a toll! Despite his sore muscles and my bike-seat-induced-crotch-pain, I loved my bike ride today, especially because it included some awesome quality time with one of my favourite people… my dad!

And because this is one of my absolute favourite pictures of us, taken last year… I had to include it. 


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