Day 1… I’m dead.

Yesterday was Stuart’s first day of university. My mom and I picked him up at the bus stop after school… mostly because we missed getting a picture of him before he left for school and it was essential to take a “first-day-of-university” picture.

Good thing I got an 8.12 mile run in before my first day of classes because I sweat out a few of my nerves on the run… until I almost got hit by a car… that was fun. My run was slow and steady at an 8:45 min/mile pace and ended just in time to see the sunrise! I fuelled up for my long day back at school with one of my favourite breakfasts – oatmeal with PB2, banana, and almond milk. Yum!

The dreaded time arrived that I had to leave for the bus. I still get nervous on my first day of school and it’s my fourth year of university! I look way too happy to be going back to school.

I arrived at the bus stop about 16 minutes early. Murray’s have a tendency to be really early for everything. At least I wasn’t late right?

My first class was Conservation Biology. You are right in assuming it is a bunch of hippies in that class! I think if you walked in with a disposable water bottle instead of a reusable one you would be kicked out of class. I think it will be a pretty interesting class and my teacher definitely loves what he does. He does have a tendency to blink 81350972 times a minute which distracted me a little bit. We went over the class syllabus and then we were let out early – time to get Starbucks! Buying coffee on the first day? No wonder I have to maintain a part-time job throughout the school year. 

Next up was a first year English class. One of my classes from BC didn’t transfer as English but instead transferred as “Writing” so I needed another English class to get my degree. Hopefully the knowledge and wisdom I have gained from three years of post-secondary school will give me an edge on all of the first years. 

My class after english was History of Women in Canadian Society. I think it will be a really interesting class and my prof is pretty funny. It is her last semester teaching so hopefully she will take it easy on us when grading our papers. We were let out a little early of this class as well so I ate my lunch in the sunshine and checked my Facebook started preparing for my next class.

It was a beautiful day today and the sunshine makes all of the old buildings around campus look even more amazing.

Philosophy of Ethics class was next. Oh lord. Help me. This is my first philosophy class and I felt so lost. I think they were legitimately making up words. The hardest I have thought all summer was about whether to eat my carrot sticks or my apple first at lunch… so being thrown into a room full of fourth year or graduate philosophy majors was a huge leap. This may be the most challenging class I have this semester.

I left class with my brain spinning at 28071 miles an hour and headed to Anatomy class. This one is going to be good, mostly because I am really interested in the material. We are going to be covering a bodily system per class so it’s a tad intense. 

Finally I was free and exhausted. The bus ride home was a bazillion degrees and I was pretty sure I was either going to melt or vomit. Or both. I am really jealous of people who can read or text or write on the bus as I have a bit of motion sickness issues, especially in the heat. 

Day one and I am overwhelmed and tired. Good thing I only go to school two days a week and now I have four days to recover from today. Recover and get started on this massive amount of homework I have already. Here we go!

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