I just got out of the shower after noon. I guess that means I had a lovely sleep in right?! Nope… I worked at 5:30 am. I only worked until 10:00 am so I came home, ate, changed, and went to the gym. My workout was ellipticyclimbing. I ellipticized for 20 minutes and did sprintervals. Sprinterval is my favourite made up fitness word – it just makes sense. For my sprintervals I did 20 seconds of sprinting and 40 second of recovery, and repeat. I did 30 minutes of spin and killed it. Usually my average watts (power… power = calories) are about 170-180 watts, and this session was an average of 210 watts. Killed. it. Next I climbed the Jacob’s Ladder for ten minutes. Hence, ellipti-cy-climb… elliptical, cycle, climb.

This is what my playlist looked like today… apparently I am really into Flo Rida for my workouts!

I Cry – Flo Rida – Warm-up at 90 rpm.
What doesn’t kill you – Kelly Clarkson – Standing hill climb.
Run – Flo Rida – Runs, jumps, and hovers.
Mr. Brightside – The Killers – Sprintervals of 15 seconds/15 seconds recovery.
Your Love is My Drug – Seated hill climb.
Whistle – Flo Rida – Hover intervals. 
Untouched – The Veronicas – Sprint Pyramid 15-30-45-30-15
Let It Rock – Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil Wayne – Standing hill repeats.

Once my legs were officially burning, I decided to turn them into jello and do legs day in the weight area. There were plenty of good looking guys in the free weight area of the fitness centre so that means I did plenty of squats today. I love legs day (not the day after obviously) and I love it even more when I can walk up to the calf raise machine just as this big dude is finishing up and tell him to leave his plates on. Yes, this girl has calves that are as strong as yours… you should probably work on that.

I’ve worked, exercised, and eaten six meals already, now it is time to relax and get some reading and homework done. 

The only thing that goes well with homework is delicious black coffee.

I share my taste in slippers with 90-year-old women. Check out my wicked tan from the summer… not.

I just can’t get over these Alberta sunsets. Last night the sky was even more beautiful, if that’s possible. 


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