Go Eskimos Go!

I went for a run today after work and it was HOT. Where was this weather in July and August? I wore a sports bra and shorts and ran on the country roads to save the public from that sight! I will also spare you the picture until I have a six-pack… you’re welcome. If you want to build core muscles while running, just run practically naked and whenever a car or person passes you, as you suck in your stomach and hope you have fooled them into thinking you have wicked abs, you are building core muscles. 

Despite the heat and self-consciousness I had a really good run. I did 7.60 miles total. My average pace was 8:04 min/mile and my splits were consistent at 8:12, 8:09, 8:13, 7:48, 7:55, 7:57, 8:21, and 7:57 for the last 0.6 miles. I love seeing pace charts like this. Consistency is key to a lot of areas in life including running!

In early July, for my dad’s birthday we got him Edmonton Eskimo versus Winnipeg Blue Bomber tickets. The game was today and it was a perfect day for football… albeit a little sweaty.

I enjoy having a bird’s eye view of the game. I also enjoy the extra workout I get hiking up to row 73. My family apparently refuses to let me pick the seats next time. Oops.

It was a CFL battle of the worsts. Both Edmonton and Winnipeg are not doing too well this season. My mom and dad grew up in Manitoba so they are natural Blue Bomber fans. I am a Calgary Stampeders fan but in this game I was definitely cheering for the hometown Edmonton Eskimos. 

I love hearing the national anthem. Whether it is at sporting events or the start of a marathon, the national anthem just makes me extremely proud to be Canadian. That, and the fact that peanut butter was invented in Canada. Heck yes. 

Good thing I didn’t bring my old school fire bell to the game, that would have been embarrassing. 

I got a little hungry during the game and although the onion rings and soft pretzels looked and smelled amazing, I dove into a Clif bar instead. Kris without food for a prolonged period of time, as in any longer than two hours, is a scary situation. That is why I am always packin’

You’d think packing food to avoid low blood sugar and becoming hangry was hereditary or something? I wonder where I get it from.

The sun was directly facing us the entire game and it finally started to reach a more reasonable temperature with about 2.4 minutes left in the game. Excellent timing. 

It was a decent game and the Edmonton Eskimos won 25-7. A big ‘W’ for the Eskies. Also accomplished during the game – this young girl read about three books. I guess her game ticket was cheaper than getting a babysitter. 

It was a good game and although my favourite team wasn’t playing that may have been for the best. When I have vested interest in a game I tend to get a little stressed out… thanks for passing that on too dad. 

After the game we made the long trek back to our vehicle. Can you see the stadium from here? No… neither can I. 

Busy day at work that flew by + lots of sunshine + a great run + an awesome football game with my family = a pretty wonderful day!

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