I spoke too soon.

It was fun to run a half marathon yesterday. It was fun to go for a bike ride with my mom last night. It was NOT fun to get out of bed this morning and attempt to spin. 

I think my mom is trying to kill me. She forced me to go on a sunset bike ride with her and explore her new favourite trail. It was actually really beautiful and although I was biking about as fast as an 80-year old woman pushing herself in a wheelchair, it was a relaxing bike ride. Then I tried to get out of bed this morning… and go to spin class. Ouch. 

The prairies sure have some gorgeous sunsets. I don’t really appreciate them getting earlier and earlier though. Has it really been three months since the longest day of the year? 

 We were pedalling down a straight and flat stretch of road and my mom asked me if I was deliberately going really slow. I was pedalling as fast as I could. My legs just wouldn’t go faster… I suppose it was at that moment I should have known I would be sore the next day. I started to sweat trying to bike up a small hill… embarrassing.

Though I complain, it really was a nice bike ride and I am glad my mom showed me a new path. It was almost ten miles long so it would be perfect to incorporate into a cycling adventure or for a long run… you know, once my legs work again. 

In even more exciting news, I am happy to announce I finally found a Kris-Murray-sized salad bowl. The tag said “industrial mixing bowl” but I think that must have been a mistake. 

I definitely don’t regret doing the half marathon yesterday, but I think next time I spontaneously run 13.27 miles I will try to make sure it is not the day before spin class! If it were a drop-in class I would have pressed the snooze button and rolled over but because I paid good money to register and my favourite instructor was teaching this morning I had to roll off of my bed and hobble to the gym. I adjusted my gears and worked as hard as I could with what muscle strength I had this morning. It was probably good I got to stretch out my legs a bit and it was a fun class!

Riding on the bus home for an hour? Not so fun. Keep your sweat to yourselves fellow bus-riders. 


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