Just add competition.

I think I am a little bit competitive. Just a bit. 

This morning I wasn’t extremely sore when I got out of bed – just sore enough to know that I did a really awesome leg workout yesterday. My alarm goes off about twenty minutes before I get on the spin bike, so I am usually half asleep when we start class. Once those endorphins hit my blood stream though – watch out! It’s amazing how a little sweat can wake you up! In spin class we did some of my favourite drills, the instructor put on some awesome music, and I rocked it out. For the last drill we did a “trip increase.” Essentially, you sprint for as long as it takes to increase your “trip” or mileage by 2.0 (miles). Usually I just go at a comfortable pace of just over 100 rpm and get to 2.0 just as the song is finishing. Today was a little different…

The instructor said today we were racing! We picked partners and raced each other to see who could increase their trip the fastest. I paired up with the woman next to me and it. was. on. She was going wicked fast at the start, so I had to keep up… but she didn’t slow down AT ALL. I have never spun at 120 rpm for so long. It was worth it though because I WON! 

Add the word “competition” or “race” and I am unstoppable. Turns out that killing it in spin class and pushing harder than hard turns your legs into instant jello. Stairs were my enemy today.


Once I was home from spin class I got to enjoy eating my delicious bowl of peanut butter and banana oatmeal for breakfast with my dad because he took the day off today! It was then that I was informed he took the day off to spend quality time with his parents and not to listen to me ramble on and on about my latest dreams and random things at the breakfast table. Maybe I should have taken the hint when he left about two minutes after I sat down.

Yes, I was reading one of my favourite blogs, Hungry Runner Girl. Coffee and blog-reading is an important part of my day. 

I would like to point out that I DO wear clothes that aren’t made of spandex. Not very often, but it does happen!

After a long day of philosophy nonsense, using handicap bathroom stalls, naming all of the bones in the skill and vertebral column, and hobbling around campus on two sore legs, it was amazing to come home to my mom cooking a delicious meal that was ready just in time for me to walk through the door. Talk about love coincidence.

Ok, NOW I will be resting my legs until the half marathon. I swear.  In fact, I think my dad probably hid my running shoes to make sure I can’t go for a run. 


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