My body is genius.

I was completely surprised when I woke up this morning and I wasn’t really sore from yesterday’s interval workout at the track. Usually after long and hard runs I can barely walk the next day! I set out for a 5.0 mile run that included a couple hill repeats. I ran three miles, jogged down the 0.25 mile hill, ran up it, jogged down again, ran up it, then continued a mile home. 

It may not look steep. Actually, it probably isn’t, but it felt like it! I didn’t sprint up the hills but managed a 7:45 min/mile pace for both intervals. My overall average pace was 8:14 min/mile for the entire five miles. I took the hill repeats a little easier than yesterday’s intervals, and only did two, but they could build some serious quad muscles. 

I cannot believe the leaves are already changing colours. This is my favourite time of year (Warning: I say that about every season so don’t take that statement too seriously)! I love the gorgeous colours of the trees in the fall!

I enjoy hill repeats far more when each time I reach the top of the hill I get a beautiful prairie view! It’s harvest time around these parts and you can even smell the straw in the air. My dad is way too excited about this and he made me go outside on our balcony last night to “watch the dew fall and smell the grain being harvested.” Um, it smelled like wet hay… I think the farming kid in him is coming out now that we live in the amazing province of Alberta.

My body is pretty smart. I should probably listen to it every once and a while. If I have been running a lot, either long runs every second day or short runs every day, I can really feel it in my calves and shins. My body lets me know when my legs need a break from running by sporting some small, matching bruises on both of my lower shins. At this point I know that my shins, tight calves, and probably my whole body needs a break from pounding the pavement or treadmill and I need to ease up on the miles. See, genius. We really do have to pay attention to our bodies – they know what’s up.

After my short run I decided that the hill repeats didn’t make my legs enough like jello so I went to the gym for some lunges, squats, calf raises, and lots of leg burn moves. I did the stairmaster for twenty minutes before my strength training and had to wipe away some tears again. Curse you “Long Island Medium.” 

My mom didn’t think our family could eat 20 lbs of peaches before they went bad. Challenge accepted. They are SO GOOD right now and I really can’t get enough!

In light of listening to my body, I won’t be doing any really long runs until the weekend when I will be running the St. Albert Fall Challenge Half Marathon. I don’t plan on racing the event, just running at a comfortable speed, but it doesn’t hurt to do a bit of tapering before the run – I think my legs would agree!


  1. I’ve taken the peach challenge as well! Although I got to pick mine up from the orchard 🙂 So delicious…
    Love the colours in the trees! I’m missing it at home right now, but I think visiting the Ottawa Valley the last week of September will make up for it!! There’s something so patriotic & exciting about red maple leaves falling around the parliament buildings 🙂

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