Oatmeal WITHOUT peanut butter?

I will not stress. I will not stress. I will not stress.

My mom and I are doing the St. Albert Fall Challenge Half Marathon tomorrow. I don’t plan on “racing” the event, just running at a leisurely pace. Instead of aiming for a time, a pace, or a goal, I am just going to run however fast I want and take my time to enjoy the event. That means I shouldn’t get nervous or stressed out, right? I’ll just keep telling myself that.

I have a difficult decision to make… which Runsie do I wear tomorrow morning? It is going to be pretty cold in the morning to be wearing one of these but I warm up really fast and hopefully the temperature outside does too!

I have a new morning thang. Instead of peanut butter and banana oatmeal I have a new concoction going on in my bowl giant mug. It started because the bananas in our pantry were bright green ones that needed a couple days to ripen. Tragic times in this household. I was forced to forego the banana in my oatmeal. Once I moved through the various stages of grieving, I whipped up an amazing replacement breakfast. 

Enter oatmeal with flax, raisins, cinnamon, and almond milk. Best eaten with an apple cooked in or on the side. Like apple pie. But better… because it’s healthy so you can eat plenty more!

As mornings get colder and colder, warm oatmeal breakfasts become better and better. I also make this amazingness in a bowl at work in the microwave when I work early shifts and take a breakfast to work. I vigilantly watch the microwave while it is cooking because I have had one too many microwave oatmeal explosions!

Though I don’t plan on racing tomorrow’s half marathon, I did enjoy plenty of carbs at dinner because any race is a chance to carboload in the mind of a runner. Someone else thinks his photography duties tomorrow entitle him to have to carboload as well. Stuart’s choice of carbs? Ice-cream… but only a “spoonFUL” obviously. 

A couple spoonfuls of ice cream is like playing the slices game… must be hereditary. Time to relax and NOT think about the “race” tomorrow!


  1. You weirdos with the peanut butter in oatmeal…. I have been cooking apples with a little cinnamon sprinkled on top and then adding that to the cooked oatmeal … for YEARS!!! It is delish! Bananas stirred into oatmeal cooked with a little cinnamon is good too.
    Good luck on the race and I vote for black runsie so the photographer can see the bib stand out on the outfit….but also, I think he might spot the red runsie coming a ways away??? hmmmm….. tough call.
    ps…nice lid on the photographer!

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