Running is stress relief.

It was one of the busiest days at work today which meant all day I couldn’t wait to go home, lace up my shoes, and hit the streets for a stress relieving run. I debated going to the gym and running on the treadmill but despite the wind, it was a beautiful afternoon and I couldn’t waste it. These fall days are the best.. cool, breezy, and perfect for running. I ran down to the path along the river because at this time of year it is gorgeous. It is the same place we did the St. Albert Fall Challenge Half Marathon and there is nothing like leaves crunching underneath your running shoes and being surrounded by yellow, orange, and green trees. 

The neighbour saw me taking pictures of myself in my garage. It was awkward. 

I had a feeling it would be a slow run after my 9.0 mile progression run yesterday and I liked the irony of wearing my “crazy fast” running shirt. It wasn’t too slow and me legs surprised me because they weren’t sore and were really ready to run. 

The path along the river was closed in one part so I got to 4.75 miles and had to turn around. I did a little zig-zagging around my neighbourhood to make it 10.0 miles. I had to. My mile splits were 8:17, 8:16, 8:04, 7:55, 8:17, 8:04, 8:18, 8:38, 8:16, and 8:04. Can you tell where the uphill mile was? Overall, I had a pace of 8:13 min/mile (8:11 min/mile without the traffic lights) and didn’t feel like I was even remotely pushing myself – which was my goal for the day… to essentially NOT have a goal. I got so distracted by my thoughts that I forgot I was running half the time!

It was an awesome run and really helped clear my mind and run off any stress in my life. When I got home I did my favourite post-run activity of lying on the floor and getting my sweat all over the carpet. Oh, and some ab work. 

I think I had a craving for strawberries after my run?

As the saying goes, “running is cheaper than therapy.” It is very true and I think exercise, especially running, makes me stronger not just physically, but mentally. It relieves so much stress from school, work, and life in general that it’s almost necessary I get my “therapy” every day! 


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