Second Workout = Effort Level 1.

After work tonight I dragged my brother to the gym so he could get a workout in. I had a pretty intense workout this morning so I took it easy tonight and pretty much operated at “Effort Level 1.”

Stuart goes so fast on the elliptical that he is a complete blur. That, or I suck at taking pictures while on the elliptical. Or both.

After 20 minutes on the elliptical watching some CFL action we went to do some weights. There is sometimes a bootcamp workout posted on the whiteboard in the cross-fit area… looks like the people there before us were quite serious. No smiling, laughing, or frolicking. I do ALL of those things! 

I attempted a chin-up tonight. I think “attempted” is a key word.

I DID ONE. It was wimpy and I dropped about 0.3 seconds after I pulled over the bar but still, I did it! 

Oblivious to the camera… or attempting to show off his “guns”? Pretty sure mine are bigger… I mean I can do a whole one chin-up. 

The two sessions of yoga worked. I can touch my toes! My brother and I had a contest to see how far we could stretch and I won. It was a really sad contest. On the plus side, we were voluntarily stretching, which would make our dad proud!

I don’t think I even sweat during this workout. I did bleed however. I don’t know how I managed to cut my knee in this minimalist workout but I did. Yes, those are my hairy knees and not Stuart’s. 

It was good to get a little extra “workout” this evening and it helped me stretch out my legs from this morning. I did a treadmill progression run, 15 minutes of stairmaster, and half an hour of leg strength training. Talk about jello legs. Progression runs are so easy to do on the treadmill. By easy I mean easy to adjust my pace, because effort-wise, they are anything BUT easy. 

Mile 1 @ 8:27 min/mile
Mile 2 @ 8:20 min/mile
Mile 3 @ 8:13 min/mile
Mile 4 @ 8:07 min/mile
Mile 5 @ 8:00 min/mile
Mile 6 @ 7:53 min/mile
Mile 7 @ 7:47 min/mile
Mile 8 @ 7:40 min/mile

Cool down Mile 9 @ 10:00 min/mile. 

Tough but super effective workout. Overall I think my pace was 8:06 min/mile not including the cool-down mile. No wonder I wanted to take it easy during my second workout of the day. After round two Stuart made a smoothie and said it tasted tropical. “Who needs Florida when you can just drink this?” 

On the way home from the gym we saw THIS. I am a HUGE fan of Christmas but even I think this is too soon. C’mon people, it’s not even October.