Tea buddy.

First Stuart and I are left to run the house by ourselves, then we are treated to a house guest and get to play hosts for a couple of nights! How very grown up of us. Auntie Pam is here for a visit – she came up just to see us and spend some quality time with her two favourite people… oh and something about work. It’s perfect, now I have a tea buddy!

Mint tea in my favourite mug. In photos it probably looks like the perfect little tea mug, but that would be deceiving because it is huge and fits over three cups of tea! 

My legs weren’t even sore today… I guess they are getting used to this whole “running” thing! I did another progression run on the treadmill today, but it was slow, and definitely not as intense as my last progression run. I did five miles with splits of 8:41, 8:34, 8:27, 8:20, and 8:13. I was sporting the red Runsie on the treadmill today – probably the main reason why the run felt so good. 

After the short run I hit the weights for some arm work. I upped my weights and perfected my form today because one of the hot personal trainers was working. He needs to be around for all my workouts because my arms got an awesome burn with him there. Even though my exercise session was shorter today compared to the past couple of days, I obviously still had a burning metabolism from running so much, so I had to refuel with plenty of homemade pizza. 

Perfection. I will be adding bar-b-que sauce to all pizza from now on. There are no leftovers… just saying.

We always aim to impress anyone staying with us by serving up one of the Murray specialties… homemade pizza! I am pretty sure we have literally made this for anyone and everyone who has come for dinner. We know how to keep ’em coming back.

With all of the running, pizza, and procrastinating, it’s amazing that we have found time to keep up with our studies, right Stuart?

That’s what I thought. I may just have to bring my textbooks to the gym and prop them up on the treadmill. Reading on the treadmill? I can barely stay on the treadmill normally so that may not be the best idea for someone so clumsy. Oh, and you are correct in assuming I am jealous of Stuart’s orange pants. 

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