The best mail is Lulu mail.

I took it easy today at the gym. I don’t think I was even there 45 minutes. I did 30 minutes of elliptical, watching Duck Dynasty of course. I don’t know why but I feel like I can get away with watching trash TV while doing cardio at the gym. It makes time fly and I don’t have anyone making fun of me for watching these shows like I would if I were at home… ahem, dad… especially when I cry while watching them. After the elliptical which was awesome relief for my joints, I did biceps and back and then called it a day. 

Shortly after I got home, the doorbell rang. MAIL. The best mail to receive? Definitely a Lululemon order. 

I was casually perusing the Lululemon site to see what they had for their Fall clothing. Upon checking the “We Made Too Much” category, I spotted THE RUNSIE ON SALE! Shortly after this moment my cousin messaged me to tell me that she thought I would be interested to know that Lulu had the Runsie on sale. I am perfectly content with being known as the girl who runs in a onesie.

Lululemon had “spry blue” and “love red” as the colours left in stock. I would have bought red even if they had had all of the colours, so it was perfect! 

I can’t wait to run in this! The first frost warning of the season is upon us tonight so I may have to put a long sleeve shirt and tights under the Runsie but I am determined to run in it soon!

An added bonus to buying Lululemon is the free reusable bag that comes with your purchase. I used one EVERYDAY for my lunch so it’s nice to have another one to add to the collection. I still haven’t figured out what it says. But it has pictures of food on it so I automatically love it.

I convinced my mom to join me at a drop-in yoga class tonight. More like dragged her there. I really wanted to just stretch and relax and after hours of homework on the computer I needed a break from the screen. Guess who fell in love with yoga?

She’ll be back to this class for sure. 

It was only a drop-in class so it is made for beginners but of course like most exercise it can be adapted to any fitness and flexibility level. My fitness level? 9.9, but my flexibility level? Is there anything below zero?

I think we will be hitting up this class a bit this year because it is an awesome way to end your night, not think about school or homework or studying, and just relax. Maybe in time I’ll be able to touch my toes… maybe.


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