The Happiest Place on Earth.

One day left. Today is my last day of freedom before I start my fourth year of university. I have the day off and I am spending it wisely by doing nothing. I guess not nothing, I did spent over two hours grocery shopping with my mom at the happiest place on earth. You’re right, of course I am talking about Costco!

I think Costco was made for me. Large quantities of fruits and vegetables? Yes please! Samples of food and drinks around every corner? Uh huh! All of my favourite snacks for cheaper than normal grocery stores? You bet’cha! I mean who doesn’t need 4L of pickles in their fridge?

Of course the Murray family does!

I had a delicious sample of organic chocolate milk. Strange fact: I used to HATE chocolate milk… with a passion. I was used to skim milk and the thickness of chocolate milk was a little repulsive to me. I am slowly coming around and after today’s sample I am starting to second guess my hatred of chocolate milk! I would only buy it because it is the best fitness recovery drink obviously, and certainly not because it is really delicious.

I decided to be adventurous and try the dried seaweed sample. Don’t be fooled by my smile… seconds after I put the seaweed in my mouth that smile quickly faded. If anyone tells you they love snacking on seaweed in other forms besides sushi they are lying. It. was. gross.

Despite being at the gym for more than two hours today we got an extra workout lifting groceries in the car. Well, my mom did, I just stood there and took pictures of her. I’ll be receiving my “Best Daughter of the Year Award” any day now.

It takes quite a bit of fuel to sustain our active family. Like a lot. Buying the groceries is the easy part… finding a place in the fridge and pantry for everything is a little more tricky.

Besides the weight lifting workout I got at Costco, I did do some actual exercise before our shopping adventures. I snuck out of the house at 6:30 am to get a few miles in before we went to the gym. Most teenagers and young adults sneak into their houses in the early hours of the morning… I sneak out… to run. And you thought I wasn’t cool… ha!

I found the perfect 5k route (3.1 miles) that I will definitely be taking advantage of for short runs. I considered my run this morning a bit of a recovery run after my almost half marathon yesterday so I ran at an 8:59 min/mile pace. Once I was home I did the 8-minute ab video before eating breakfast and hitting the gym. At the gym I did 15 minutes of elliptical and 45 minutes of arm strength training before the Wednesday morning drop-in spin class.  It was an awesome, sweaty class with my favourite instructor and the hour flew by!

How cute is this 5k loop?

It may seem like I am doing a lot of exercise these days including days with multiple workouts and mornings of 2-3 hours of exercise but I really do love it and I know it won’t last forever. Today was likely my last day of 2+ hours of exercise because once school starts tomorrow I’ll have to consider a 5k run a good workout and then hit the books… that, or I’ll haul some textbooks to the treadmill and exercise my brain and my body!


  1. That is awesome. So excited for your back to school! I’m actually jealous… I miss studying… and shopping for new school supplies… haha
    You’re gonna rock it! Love your drive! 🙂

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