The Runner’s Wave.

You know the one. Any time you are jogging, running, or walking, you usually pass others doing the same thing and you exchange the signature “runner’s wave.” Some people nod their head, some people throw up a couple fingers, and some do a full on wave and shout “GOOD MORNING!” (ahem, me). We don’t know each other but we are both doing what we love and pretty much saying, ‘Hey, you’re running? Me too. We’re awesome. Keep rocking fellow runner.’ with that little wave. It is one of the things that made my long run this morning really awesome.

I love morning runs. It is so peaceful, the sun is just starting to heat up the streets, and it is the perfect way to start the day – with a body full of endorphins. I snuck out of the house at 6:40 am and took off running! In my head I knew I was going for a long run and I figured 10 miles would be awesome. I decided to do an out and back route because I haven’t run on the riverside path in quite a while and I missed it! When I hit 5 miles I figured I should just keep going and run to the end of the path which is a pier overlooking “Big Lake.” Gorgeous. It was only 0.64 miles longer to reach the end of the path where I forcefully tagged the pier as if that would prove I really made it there. Once I turned around I picked up my pace – another sure sign of a good run – and ended up with negative splits. When I was almost home I decided to take a few extra turns to make it 12.04 miles! An amazing run to say the least. I didn’t think about stopping to walk once, unlike on my long training runs and my half marathon where I thought about stopping 8931567 times. 

My splits were 8:46, 8:49, 8:30, 8:46, 8:37, 8:29, 8:23, 8:24, 8:28, 8:30, 8:21, and 8:06. I had an overall average pace of 8:31 min/mile. The first six miles were at 8:40 min/mile and the last six miles were at 8:22 min/mile. I guess it took a while for me to wake up.

Of course I wore my Runsie for this run. It was magical.

When I got home from my run I did some bicep and back exercises to aid in my next attempt at doing a chin-up. Don’t laugh. I can’t even do half a chin-up. TSN Sportscentre CFL highlights helped get me through that whole 3.7 minutes of strength training.

I celebrated running double digits with a delicious breakfast. You’re lucky I stopped to snap a picture before I inhaled this plate of goodness. I am the omelette queen. Don’t even question it. Today’s omelette was egg white, mushroom, spinach, avocado, and goat cheese. Nectarine and toasted whole wheat bun for some carbohydrates to refuel the glycogen I depleted on my run! Even though the omelette was bigger than my head, I was hungry an hour later… runner problems. 

I waved at every person I saw on the path today and may have scared a few elderly people when I came from behind them and shouted “MORNING!” as I passed them. Oops. Nevertheless, it was a great run and I love the camaraderie of people out on the streets getting their endorphins in before their day begins! Next time you are running or walking or dancing down the street  make sure to wave to anyone you see!


  1. Believe me….once their hearts started beating again…those elderly people smiled and thought…”what a lovely young lady”….and proceeded to have a fantastic day! You are infectious.

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