Time to party… HA.

My parents are on their way to Florida. Jealous is an understatement. They never ever ever ever go on trips just the two of them so I am really happy they finally think my brother and I are old and mature enough to handle being home alone… you know, now that I am 20 and he is almost 18. They really have faith in us. I hope the wait was worth it and they have an amazing trip! It is suppose to be smoking hot and humid in Florida.

A little bit of a different forecast here in Alberta.

Alberta has definitely made me tougher. I looked at the forecast before I left for school this morning and it said that it was 4 degrees Celsius, but feels like 1 because of the windchill. T-shirt weather… so that’s what I wore. Canadian girls are tough. 

I was really excited when my mom told my brother and I that we would have the house to ourselves for over two weeks. Like, really excited.

Then I realized that my brother and I work and go to school on opposite schedules so I would be home alone a lot. I would also have to get groceries to keep the fridge stocked. And clean the floors and bathrooms. And make myself dinner every night. That made me really unsure whether I was happy they were leaving for two weeks. 

It also made me realize how spoiled I am. I miss you already mom.

Nevertheless, I am excited to blast my country music without criticism and eat salads bigger than my head without my parents mocking my bottomless pit of a stomach. 

I call that salad “every-single-thing-in-the-fridge” and it was delicious. My mom left a note that said “No parties.” It made me laugh. Both my brother and I go to school full time and work almost 30 hours a week… parties? HA!

Looks like I’ll be talking to myself a lot in the next couple weeks. Good thing I am so hilarious and love the sound of my own voice. I’ll have to record myself recounting the summary of my day and then send it to my parents each day because I don’t know how they are going to survive without my awesome stories. Things like walking into trees on the way home from the bus or my eye flirting with the hot guy in philosophy class… both of which happened today. They’re going to miss me. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. Have fun in Florida mom and dad!


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