Why I love anatomy class.

Anatomy class is my favourite class this semester. It narrowly beats out philosophy… ha. I find the human body so fascinating and it amazes me to learn about everything it does. We don’t tend to think about all of the intricate processes that are going on in our bodies because a lot of functions we never have to think about – like breathing or the process of digestion. It is pretty awesome what our bodies can do. 

I had a few errands to run this morning after the gym so I dressed like a respectable person of society. What a nice change. 

When I came home to blog and read other blogs study and do homework I promptly changed into the best studying outfit – Lululemon tights and slippers. I can’t dress classy for more than three hours… that’s just ridiculous. 

On my way home of course I stopped to get coffee. Decaf, as it was past 10:00 am and caffeine lasts exactly twelve hours in my system. It took many hours of lying awake with my brain buzzing for me to figure this out. Let’s hope it was actually decaf.

Anatomy has already taught me so many things. Right now I am learning about muscles, mostly skeletal muscle, which is awesome because if I have learned anything as an exercise enthusiast – it is that muscles are extremely important. Shocking fact, I know. “Hypertrophy” is stimulating muscles repeatedly forcing them to grow and expand. I think they forgot some vital information in the textbook. “A champion weight lifter or body builder or Kris Murray is an excellent example of hypertrophied muscular development.” I should notify the editors.

On a more serious note, it is really cool to learn about the different types of muscle and why sprinters are built the way they are, and why marathon or endurance runners have a completely different body type. Marathon runners have many more “slow muscle fibers” which allows them to run for long periods of time. My anatomy prof said that slow muscle fibers are important when marathoners run their 20-something kilometres. Try 42.2 km… how rude. 

Another thing to point out is WHY we, as “athletes” or just people who like to wear onesies and frolic around the gym staring at cute boys, need to cross train. Not only is it less boring than doing the same exercise every day, it helps us develop different types of muscles and create a stronger skeletal muscle system overall!

Who doesn’t love strength and endurance? 

I am hoping the next chapter will tell me step-by-step exactly how to get these abs… oops I mean these Rectus abdominis. 

I know I’m a nerd. I love anatomy. And exercise. Luckily these both overlap and help me learn why lifting weights is not only good for impressing hot guys, it helps strengthen my body, increase my endurance, makes my circulatory system more efficient, and helps prevent injuries. 

I was planning on running to and from the gym this morning and doing weights at the gym. It was -4. Seat heaters while driving to the gym and treadmills with TV sounded like a much better option at 6:00 am. I ran 8.0 miles on the treadmill at an 8:27 min/mile pace. I did 50 minutes of arm strength training after. Just working on my hypertrophy. Cue the geek jokes. 

It’s going to be a long winter if I’m already using the seat heaters in September. What happened to the tough girl in me?


  1. I think I should read your anatomy book. It sounds very interesting.. Have you learned anything about resting your muscles.

  2. I don’t have heated seats (although my next vehicle will!) but I do have command start – and I use it ALL winter.
    I miss the gym… Looking forward to being home 🙂

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