You don’t know what you’re missing.

My morning started… dark. The power went off in our neighbourhood at about 4:53 am. Thank goodness my alarm has a back-up battery because with absolutely no lights in my room, house, or street, I think I could have slept in quite easily. Doing my make-up and hair using the light from my computer was a challenge. I stabbed myself in the eye with my mascara brush 27 times. I dreamt about making a delicious bowl of oatmeal for my breakfast, but a lack of stove and microwave left me with limited options. What did people do before electricity? I was left to enjoy my bowl of Cheerios and All Bran in the ambiance of my laptop. Yes, I do pour my almond milk on my cereal at the last possible second because soggy cereal is for people who are 87 years old and have no teeth. 

I ran to the gym to workout today. In 29 degree weather. I ran from patch of shade to patch of shade and I actually didn’t feel as hot as when I ran my run of death a few weeks ago. It was 5.00 miles to the gym and I ran a speedy and sweaty pace of 8:30 min/mile in the heat. Once I got to the gym I hogged the water fountain for a few minutes and then hit the stair-master for 15 minutes followed by 45 minutes of arm strength training. Stuart joined me at the gym and then thankfully drove me home. You know you had an awesome workout when all you crave is a giant glass of ice water.

One of the best feelings in the world is putting on new running shoes for the first time. You don’t realize how much cushioning has been lost and how worn down your shoes have become until you try on brand new running shoes. You really don’t know what your missing until you slide on the new shoes and think, ‘How was I still running in my old shoes?!’

Right now I am running in the New Balance W870V2-B. I love them. I have had them for about seven months and many miles and haven’t had any problems! In my search for a new pair of runners I discovered that the new version of these shoes, the New Balance W870V3-B had come out and therefore my older version were on sale! I have fairly large feet (hey, I’m almost 6′ tall, ok!) so they had plenty of my size left… score one for clown feet. 

Even though I know exactly how these new shoes will feel and fit considering I am currently running in the exact same pair, I was hesitant to  break them in before my half marathon due to the 1/39825742 chance I would get blisters. Now that the race is over it is time to transition into my new shoes!

I have a feeling on my next run my feet will feel like they are running on clouds. I can’t wait!