73 Years Young.

After a long day of class I got to come home and spend the evening with my amazing Grandma on her 73rd birthday! I am so happy she is here to celebrate with us!

We had homemade burgers for dinner as we are going out for the actual birthday dinner on Saturday. Considering we weren’t going out to a restaurant we decided to eat dinner in our pajama pants. Best decision ever. Every dinner should be eaten in pj’s. My birthday dinner will definitely be eaten in my pj pants. 

Hamburgers… or a hamburger salad. Seriously delicious.

They were delicious! I don’t understand anyone who buys hamburger patties… homemade are the way to go!

We got out a few picture albums and looked through them, talking about all of the ultra marathons my grandma has done. She STARTED at the age of 63 and did The Great Walk… a 63.5 km walk from Tahsis, BC to Gold River, BC. Yep, my grandma is amazing. Of course, there were also plenty of laughs while looking through the old photos. 

Three generations of marathoners here. 

Then we decided to hang out as a family… and this happened.

Five apple computers on one table. That is sick. Some face-timing from across the table occurred as well. Technology! At least we were chatting and laughing at various things on Pinterest… I swear it wasn’t silence! When Stuart got home from school we had cake and opened gifts. I sure know how to write a good card.

Happy Birthday Grandma! It was a fun evening of celebrating 73 inspiring years. I can’t wait to celebrate many many more!


  1. That cake looks like it has peanut butter in it… drooling.
    I fully support Janet’s choice in beer! 🙂
    And I KNEW AP was sitting beside her at the table because nobody else would bring an XL Timmie’s into your house 😉 lol…

    1. It did look tempting but I didn’t think it would fuel all of my running today so I played cake-photographer instead of cake-eater but I hear it was GOOD!

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