A Girls Evening.

With my dad at a work event and my brother at work, it was just my mom and I this evening. We are perfectly content making giant salads that take an hour to eat. It’s probably a favourite meal for both of us – a salad consisting of every vegetable in the fridge, some protein, some cheese… pretty much a little bit of everything.

It is also how I manage to eat 2910751 servings of vegetables a day. Probably also why our grocery bill is 7X that of any other family. I think our salads contain every colour in the rainbow!

I had a mushroom and rice burger patty on my salad and my mom had turkey. These frozen burgers were actually really good. You could actually taste the vegetables and rice in it which is a major plus for veggie burgers.

It probably tasted so good because I added two different kinds of cheese on top. 

When it’s just the two of us girls it is perfectly acceptable to eat at the island and watch last night’s episode of Modern Family. Who needs deep dinner conversation?

Don’t worry, my mom didn’t miss out on hearing all about my day because I forced her to put on some gloves and a toque and head out for an after-dinner walk with me. I had spin this morning and only had time to run a mile on the treadmill after spin class so I wanted to get some fresh air after dinner!

We walked 5 km (3.11 miles) to test out my perfect 5K route and it was a GORGEOUS evening. No wind, crisp air, clear sky, almost full moon, and some lovely conversation with my mom!

We got our fresh air in so now it’s time to settle in for Big Bang Theory and Grey’s Anatomy. I love Thursday nights!


  1. Big Bang was great tonight!
    Is that a pickle chopped up in your salad????
    Love the winter gear. I guess I need to find mine this weekend! Along with working out my route in anticipation for November 1! πŸ™‚

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