Chocolate Coffee.

You read that right. Chocolate coffee. Belgian chocolate coffee actually. 

Don’t tell anyone but I cheated on Starbucks. I am on the hunt for some pumpkin flavoured coffee so I stopped at Second Cup because they are known for their flavoured coffee. Unfortunately my quest for pumpkin coffee is going about as well as my quest for a chin-up. In other words, not well. I did however stumble upon this magnificent concoction… chocolate flavoured coffee. 

It is classified as a light-medium coffee and I am a dark roast girl so I was skeptical, but the heavenly scent of dark chocolate and espresso pulled me in. Seriously, this stuff smells amazing.

I brewed my cup of coffee a little strong, but it was delicious all the same. Even better with a splash of almond milk. Rich, creamy chocolate flavour with just a hint of coconut. Mmm!

I am still searching for pumpkin flavoured coffee. I may just have to add some pumpkin spice syrup to my dark roast but I don’t like added sugar in my coffee. What a dilemma. 

Until I find pumpkin coffee I will be happily sipping this delicious chocolate flavoured coffee. One heck of a combination. Maybe it is all of the caffeine I have been drinking that has helped me power through my latest runs. 

This morning I had a break from running because it was spin class day! I did run a warm-up mile on the treadmill though. 5:10 am I was out of bed, 5:32 am I was on the treadmill. Obviously I look fabulous when I go to the gym in the mornings. This week both of my spin instructors tried new drills with new songs and it was awesome! It takes super spin skills to be able to cycle and dance at the same time. Don’t worry, I’ve mastered those skills. 

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  1. Ah yum. I love that coffee from Second Cup (and they do have amazing flavored coffees!!)
    I think that’s where I got the Irish Cream flavored beans that helped to wean me off flavored creamer! (Back in the day before I drank it black) delish 🙂

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