I like to combine words and create new and inventive words. Cinnamobsession. Sprintervals. Spunning. It’s just the creative side of me coming out… and copying Phil Dunphy from Modern Family

It seems that cinnamon has become my favourite spice. It is good on SO many things. Oatmeal, bananas and milk, pears with honey, pancakes, yogurt, toast, smoothies, cereal, and in lattes. If you know me, you know that by lattes I mean ‘quad grande soy, extra hot, extra foam, extra water, cinnamon on top, americano mistos.’ Yes, that is actually my order. I have now added cinnamon the the list of spices that I cook with. Here’s the list so far:

1. Montreal Steak Spice.
2. Cinnamon.

It’s a work in progress. 

Um, yes, so cinnamon is awesome… and delicious. It also regulates blood sugar levels, which is extra awesome. Source. I added some to my honey-drizzled pears for dessert tonight and it was amazing. 

This morning my spin instructor made us do a drill called “Power Climbs.” She explained that we would be doing intervals of ‘difficult hill climbs’ and ‘more difficult hill climbs.’ Talk about a quad burn. It was basically intervals of a moderate gear for 90 rpm hill climbs and a hard gear for 80 rpm hill climbs. When I become a spin instructor I will definitely incorporate this drill into my classes! Sprinting hills, the best of both worlds! 

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  1. I’m totally going to memorize that order so I can look intelligent next time I go to Starbucks instead of “grande dark roast, no room”… haha
    And that tea looks awesome! It sounds like dessert 🙂
    Love love love cinnamon – is that cinnamon & raisins on your popcorn???
    Way to go on the workout – how long will it take you to certify as a spin instructor??

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