Dangerously Close.

This morning I had spin class. It felt hard. I know it wasn’t as hard as it felt. It was one of those mornings where I had to take it down a gear for a bit compared to the gear I’m normally in and just let my legs get warmed up for a little bit longer than normal. It could have been the two hours of running yesterday I suppose! 

I’m the type of person that always likes to beat what I did the day before… always in competition with myself. For the most part that’s a good thing but sometimes I need to remind myself that it is ok to take it easy every once and a while and not push it as hard as I did the day before. Taking one step back will just help me push off stronger and harder and propel myself 3987571 steps forward. 

After dinner we decided to hit up the BRAND NEW Costco that is really close to our house. It was the grand opening today and though my family had already been there today, they went for round two with me. 

See those bright lights? I took this picture from our back deck. It’s THAT close!

My mom thinks it is extremely dangerous that the happiest place on earth is less than a ten minute walk from our house. Something about my undying love for massive quantities of fruits and vegetables being so close. It’s not dangerous, it’s incredible! The main reason my family wanted to go to Costco again? Samples.

I received several text messages today while I was at school that talked about ENTIRE granola bars, BAGS of chips, WHOLE packs of gum, CHOCOLATE, brownies, and pretty much every awesome sample out there. I am a bit of a gum addict so FREE gum is always a good thing. Stuart is now an employee of Costco and left his brief stint at The Home Depot. He will be working in the meat department so he peeked in to see where he would be slacking off working.

Truly exciting times in our house with this extremely close and accessible Costco. I think my mom may have to get a job just to support our weekly grocery bill. Don’t worry, we won’t be going back for a while… well, at least not until tomorrow.

I better get to bed to rest up for a RUN WITH MY MOM tomorrow morning. Be prepared for an extremely happy blog post tomorrow with one happy girl and her sweaty, tired, but equally as happy mom!


  1. Happy???? I’m scared to death of what you are going to put me through tomorrow… As for the costco….. so exciting!

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