Guess who was in town last night?

Yes. A few of my favourite imaginary boyfriends.

We bought Habs tickets for their one and only game in Edmonton! We certainly were dressed for the occasion. 

I have never seen Rexall Place like that before. The atmosphere was UNREAL! There was an equal split of Montreal Canadiens fans and Edmonton Oilers fans so there were chanting battles, fights, and cheering whenever either team scored! The Edmonton fans didn’t have to cheer much though, haha!

This particular game sold out super fast, obviously because everyone wants to watch the Canadiens play, so the three of us had separate seats. Luckily, there was an empty seat in my row so I forced my dad to sit with me after the first period!

It was an awesome game. Not only because we were stoked to be watching the Habs play, but both teams battled hard, played well, and it’s always nice when the team you’re rooting for wins!

Tickets: $300 
Parking: $12
Intermission drinks: $9
Getting to see the Habs play: PRICELESS!

Yes, that says 4-1 Habs! Go Habs Go!

Habs girl since birth. Literally. My dad put me in a Montreal Canadiens onesie and watched games with me before I was even a few months old! People ask me why I am a Habs fan… I say because my dad would kick me out of the house if I cheered for anyone else. It’s funny because it’s true.

P.S. Lars Eller, marry me? What is it with Canadian girls and hockey players?

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