I had a craving.

I have had a craving for sushi for weeks now. I don’t eat white rice often, but when I do, it’s in the form of an avocado sushi roll. I decided that sushi night would be my end of the month treat night! I had a goal of running 150 miles in the month of October and I ran 180! As a celebration, the traditional last day of the month treat night came in the form of a sushi dinner with my dad!


Last treat night was at the end of August when we had froyo. Considering it is a little chilly for frozen yogurt, sushi was the best idea for a replacement! It was delicious! I think everyone was out trick-or-treating.

That’s ok… more for us! We started with sushi cones. My dad had salmon and I had cucumber and avocado. Pretty sure there was at least a quarter of an avocado in my cone! Yum! I really dressed up for dinner… and did my hair… oh boy… good thing there was no one else in the restaurant!

We were having some great dinner conversation, my dad was completely absorbed in what I was saying.

Next up we tried the “fuzzy avocado roll,” “mexican roll,” and the California roll. All three were REALLY good, but the mexican has spicy tuna so I have to say it was the best!

After our delicious sushi dinner, we came home and I had some chocolate… because, well… it’s Halloween after all! I also got an awesome surprise in the mail – my cousin Kyla made me some boot cuffs!! Yep, MADE them! Good thing I did my hair for this picture… not.

It was a bit of a spooky day after all. I started reading a book for English class today and this was the first page.

“… it was Halloween night. ” FREAKY!

Happy Halloween everyone! Enjoy a piece or two of chocolate and I hope you got a chance to carve out a run today!


  1. Glad you got the bootcuffs! Hope they fit!
    That sushi looks amazing… yum 🙂 Congratulations on your 180 miles – that is just absolutely fantastic and I’m so proud of you and SO inspired!!!
    Bring on November!!

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