I Taught a Spin Class.

There was an 8 on my clock this morning when I got out of bed… and it wasn’t 5:08 am.. it was 8:00! I actually have a Saturday off so I took advantage of this rare occasion to sleep sleep sleep. I didn’t have any trouble falling asleep last night after yesterday’s half marathon and an after dinner walk that I convinced my family to go on. I attempted a picture with my phone… “attempted” is the key word. Stuart is obviously texting his friends to tell them how much he loves going on family walks. 

It was really neat to see the thousands of Canadian geese flying overhead. I think they finally realized they should start flying South now because it is getting pretty cold here!

One of the reasons I wanted to go for a walk was to see the full moon. It was so bright and beautiful! I probably should have taken a picture with a camera that has a little better quality than my phone. Oh well, next time.

Back to my glorious sleep-in. Well, I slept for ten hours and then got up and went for a 3.0 mile recovery run. 13.25 miles yesterday and I wasn’t going to push it today. Actually, I don’t think I could have run any faster or farther than my 8:54 min/mile pace for three miles this morning! It felt good through to loosen up my legs and get some fresh air. 

After my short run I had breakfast then hopped in the car to go teach a spin class… TO MY PARENTS! They were super excited and wouldn’t stop talking about how great it was going to be… oh wait, that was me.

We did an hour of spin and I sat in the instructor’s bike so I felt legit. I borrowed my brother’s iPod speakers and loaded up my prepared playlist and we hit the ground spinning. It was AWESOME! The playlist was great and they were definitely sweating and hopefully having fun doing it! Here is a look at the playlist I made for this class! 

I just hope that next time when I’m teaching an actual class my class participants won’t swear at me so much. I definitely pushed them with some hard drills though.

They both DRAINED their water bottles. I think my dad is hooked. He loves to cycle and with the Alberta winters we get it might be nice to be able to maintain cycling fitness in an indoor setting!

I guess “day off” is not actually correct. I still have plenty of reading, homework, studying, and assignments to do. This session of school work powered by spin endorphins… and coffee. 


  1. Petty pet peeve alert: They’re Canada Geese, not Canadian Geese. They don’t have passports.

    I think you’re awesome.

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