Knots in my shoulders.

Apparently I had a bazillion knots in my shoulders. I think they are bruised now.

I was extremely excited for today.

1. I had a day off of work.
2. I had no classes.
3. I had a massage appointment.

I went for my first massage a couple months ago and LOVED it. The registered massage therapist was amazing and worked wonders on my body. I have been running a bit more this month and my calves and hips were getting tighter and tighter so I booked an appointment. 

She asked what I needed work on and I said calves and hip but whole body would be great. It’s amazing how many places I didn’t know were tight but HURT so much when she was massaging them. My glutes and the back of my shoulders were two places that I didn’t think were knotted but as it turns out… I thought wrong. I really think as a runner, or any athlete for that matter, that massage therapy is well worth it. When you leave you feel amazing, slightly like someone beat you up, but amazing. You also look great… smeared mascara and imprints from lying on the table? Awesome.

She told me to ice my hips and shoulders to reduce the inflammation, and that I shouldn’t be surprised if they bruise. Yikes. She also told me to stretch… why do people keep telling me this? It’s like it’s important or something.

I ran 11.0 miles before my massage appointment. It was a lovely treadmill run watching TSN and OLN… I’m so feminine. It started out as a progression run but I got tired or running faster and faster so I held steady at 8:00 min/mile. 

Mile 1 @ 8:27
Mile 2 @ 8:20
Mile 3 @ 8:13
Mile 4 @ 8:06
Mile 5 @ 8:00
Mile 6 @ 7:58
Mile 7 @ 8:00
Mile 8 @ 8:00 
Mile 9 @ 8:00
Mile 10 @ 7:42

Cool down mile 11 @ 10:00 and then half an hour of arm strength training. Two days of arm weight lifting in one week… I should have bulging biceps anytime now. Considering tomorrow is a spin class day, today was my last day to run in October. I ran a total of 180.0 miles this month! Massage needed and well deserved.

After my massage I spent time doing important things.

I hope this pink will distract from the fact that I have runner’s feet now. La Paz-itively Hot. Just what my 180-mile feet need.

My dad came home and asked if I was going to do anything productive today. I guess painting your toenails and blogging don’t count as “productive.” Haha!