Overdressed in shorts.

My run was fabulous this morning. 10.0 miles in the beautiful brisk morning air. I wore shorts, long sleeve shirt, a wind breaker, and my headband for my ears. I started out with gloves but about half a mile into my run I took them off! 

Ten miles takes me a fair way around the town. I did a big loop that I mapped out last night. 

My splits were 8:44, 8:35, 8:34, 8:28, 8:30, 8:23, 8:36, 8:50, 8:26, and 8:16. I had an average pace of 8:32 min/mile, or 8:30 min/mile without the stoplights. 

My legs were a tad red when I got home but I was actually so hot throughout the run. I didn’t need the long sleeves that’s for sure but I needed to take my wind jacket to hold my phone. Running in the dark without my phone scares me a little.

It takes a little longer to warm up on cooler morning runs but once I’m warm, I instantly regret wearing a bunch of layers. I probably could have worn my Runsie and been fine!

I am excited for more of these cool morning runs! An hour and a half of running before 7:30 am = an AMAZING start to my day!

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  1. Way to go! I don’t like running without my phone after dark either (and… I don’t run before sunup so that’s why I say after… lol)
    I’m sure there were more than a few funny looks this morning – all winter on the top and summer on the bottom 😉 haha

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