Pumpkin Carving.

Yes, we are aware you are suppose to carve pumpkins a little before Halloween so they can be seen on your front porch but as long as they’re there by the evening of Halloween right? 

My mom bought pumpkins and left them outside on the front porch. Then it froze overnight. Mouldy pumpkins anyone? One was tossed but we salvaged the others for carving. They only have to last one night. Stuart and I used very different approaches. I did the “just start carving and see what happens” technique while he did the “plan it out, draw it on, stencil it, and carve it” technique. I think mine took five minutes.

I do have the carving technique perfected though.

Stuart was clearly just a tad jealous of my pumpkin.

I couldn’t do a pumpkin and NOT make it fitness-related!

I used toothpicks and everything! I hope it looks good in the dark because that is how people will see it tonight! I doubt we’ll get more than three trick-or-treaters… including my mom… who has already been into the Halloween candy.

We mastered these pumpkins.

Just being proud of my five-minute pumpkin carving.

One pumpkin remained so my mom tried out her skills as a pumpkin carver. Ummmm. I’ll let the artwork speak for itself.

We’re all ready for Halloween night! Although we may have to run out and get more Halloween candy… it seems there are a few members of this family with a sweet tooth! Happy Halloween!

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