Quest Conquered.

No, I didn’t do a bunch of chin-ups and complete my chin-up quest. I did however FINALLY TRY PUMPKIN COFFEE!

My parents are finally home from Florida and they helped my fulfill my fall quest of trying pumpkin coffee! It was so adorable on Wednesday night when we were waiting for our parents to come home and Stuart stood at the front window watching for them. Not that we missed them or anything.

Back to the coffee. It was DELICIOUS! I tried it black and I tried it with almond milk and it was awesome both ways. It doesn’t taste sweet like I expected flavoured coffee to, it just has a hint of pumpkin flavour. Perfect for these cool fall mornings!

Dunkin’ Donuts knows what’s up.

My parents brought me a few more goodies from America. Aren’t they amazing? If only they could have transported giant avocados and Chobani yogurt to Canada! 

We can get Chocolate PB2 in Canada but it is about twice the price. Justin’s peanut butter packets! Perfect to take to work and school and eat with celery, crackers, apple, or your finger. Also, chocolate brownie Clif bars? Holy dessert!

They brought my some Propel water flavouring too! It was perfect for my water after my run today. I did a ten mile pyramid treadmill run. I had an average pace of 8:15 min/mile. It felt so easy in pace compared to my progression run

Mile 1 @ 8:27
Mile 2 @ 8:20
Mile 3 @ 8:13
Mile 4 @ 8:06
Mile 5 @ 8:00
Mile 6 @ 8:00
Mile 7 @ 8:06
Mile 8 @ 8:13
Mile 9 @ 8:20
Mile 10 @ 8:27

I did 20 minutes of arms, a bit of stretching, and then raced home because I forgot to bring water to the gym! Holy thirsty! I can’t wait to try all of the flavours of Clif bars, Propel water, PB2, and peanut butter!

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