“Rest” Day.

I stuck to the promise I made myself. I didn’t run today. It was even perfect fall weather and everything and I restrained myself from running. Instead, I went for a walk with my mom. Taking rest days is hard being the type of person who doesn’t like to not be crazing busy, active, and moving all of the time. On my “rest” days I like to go for a little walk, do yoga, or stretch. Just a little something that doesn’t stress my body and gives it a chance to recover, but isn’t exactly doing nothing.

I made her stand in the cold and wait for my Garmin to load. Garmin or it didn’t happen, right? For some reason it took a while to find the satellites, but heaven forbid I don’t track every exercise I do on my Garmin. 

We walked through the trails to soak up as much of the beautiful fall day as we could. It was refreshing to be out in the crisp air and my legs thanked me for not running. 

We did 4.81 miles. Someone didn’t want to walk up and down the street to make it 5.00. The horror.

One big gust of wind and these leaves are goners!

After our walk I did something I hardly ever do… I put on cozy flannel pajama pants and slippers right after my shower. This was before 5:00 pm. It’s never too early for pajamas on Sunday and it is also never too early for Christmas pajamas. 

The rest of my “rest” day consists of a bit of icing, a bit lot of leftover turkey dinner, and a bunch of studying.

Happy Thanksgiving! This year I am thankful for my family, friends, running, and happiness! What are YOU thankful for?


  1. A rest day actually means resting your body without any form of exercise, including a brisk almost 5 mile walk. I am thankful for my intuitive, yet stubborn daughter. What a beautiful fall day!

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